Tie and Dye Saree

Bandhani and Leheriya were part of the staple for the tie and dye pattern commonly used in sarees. These tie and dye sarees are perfect wear for a wedding festivity or an evening soiree during the summer and monsoon season.

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      7 products

      Get Summer Ready With Aachho’s Tie and Dye Saree Collection for Women

      Although tie-dye outfits have long been associated with hippies in the West, traditional Indian tie and dye methods such as Bandhani and Leheriya were part of the staple costume of varied communities in Rajasthan and Gujarat. If you like wearing tie and dye sarees, Aachho's online store has a vast range of tie and dye sarees for women spanning from leheriya to bandhani sarees and more! Visit our website, check out some exclusive tie and dye saree designs, and pick your favourites today!

      Types of Tie and Dye Sarees Available at Aachho

      At Aachho, you can find a plethora of stunning tie and dye sarees. Some of the most shopped for tie and dye sarees are:


      Leheriya is a Rajasthani tie-dye method that produces wave-like patterns on the fabric. Leheriya sarees are often made of cotton, chiffon, silk, or georgette and are commonly worn during the summer, monsoon season, and on special events


      Bandhani is a tie and dye process practised in Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is a time-consuming method that involves making pin-sized holes in the fabric, tying the knots tightly, and dying the fabric in the chosen colours. Tie-dye bandhani sarees are extremely popular in Indian cultures. A bandhani saree is frequently given to Hindu newlyweds to represent good fortune and wealth.


      Shibori is a Japanese tie-dye process in which the fabric is wrung, squeezed, and pressed to create a variety of stunning motifs. Shibori tie-dye sarees are popular if you want to create a cool modern look.

      Classy Tie and Dye Sarees for Daily wear and Festive Occasions

      Whether you are heading to a traditional event, a wedding festivity, or an evening soiree, tie and dye sarees by Aachho can really help you stand out from the crowd. For instance, if you want an attire for a puja ceremony, tie and dye bandhani sarees in bright shades such as orange, red, and yellow are a perfect option. Similarly, Aachho’s lightweight, airy, and comfortable tie and dye sarees are excellent grabs for festivals and also for summer and monsoon wedding functions.


      No matter what you’re looking for, tie and dye georgette sarees, chiffon tie and dye sarees, tie and dye silk sarees, or tie and dye cotton sarees, Aachho has it all! Explore our collection of tie and dye sarees online and buy some for yourself today!

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