Women Loafers

Women Loafers are the most fashionable category of shoes that every lady should own. This footwear is designed with various materials like fabric, faux leather and pure leather design, casual shoe design, and no buckle or lace for closure.

      6 products

      6 products

      Women Loafers - A Comfortable Footwear Style in 2022

      Women Loafers is the most fashionable category of shoe that every lady should own. These pairs of shoes were designed solely for men but citing the stylish look they add they have found women as their new owners.

      There are several reasons that attribute to this growing love for loafer shoes women i.e. slip on design, casual shoe design, no buckle or lace for closure, and various materials like fabric, faux leather and pure leather used to design the same. 

      Expert Suggestions for Women Loafer

      Women's loafers have become one of the trendiest footwear in the current season. However, the major problem faced by women is that they are often trapped in buying inferior-quality shoes. Hence, our style experts have suggested some of the top ladies' loafers that can be carried on any occasion with ease. 

      Blush Handcrafted Women Loafer

      Get your hands on this blush pink best loafer for women that not only add comfort but also style quotient. These are prepared from pure leather and also have double padding to add extra comfort to the legs. 

      Blueberry Handcrafted Loafer

      Comes in a dark blue colour with intricate golden thread embroidery these loafers can give women a run for their money. These are available in all UK sizes and are made using faux leather. 

      Misty Jade Handcrafted Loafer

      These loafers imitate the Rajasthani mojari design. These come in a jade brown colour with an owl embroidered on the front side with gold colour threads. One can pair these slip-on loafers with either jeans or a pair of salwar kameez easily.

      Dromedary Handcrafted Loafer

      The design of a camel embroidered on the front part of these loafers gives them a traditional aesthetic look. These loafer mules are brown in colour and have double-padded soles for extra comfort. 

      Different Types of Loafers for Women Online

      Pump Loafer - Pump loafers are the only formal occasion footwear. They are best to be worn during any wedding or formal meeting.

      Tassel Loafer - Tassel loafers are one of the most comfortable loafer shoes for women. These shoes are often accompanied by a tassel design at the front and have a soft sole. 

      Penny Loafer - Penny loafer resembles moccasins in terms of the design. However, what makes them different is the piece of leather that runs across the saddle along with the metal string.

      Belgian Loafer - The design of Belgian loafers makes them a personal favourite of those who like to keep it simple. One can recognise a Belgian loafer with a curved structure at the front.

      Slipper Loafer - Slipper loafers are one of the chicest footwear in both women's and men's categories. Owing to their name, these are slip-ons and do not have any buckle or belt. One can carry it on any formal or informal occasions as per their wish.

      Six Tips to Wear Heeled Loafer

      It is often said that shoes reflect the status of their wearer. Hence, one has to always make sure that the shoes worn by them are in a good condition. One should always take care of the loafer shoes for women by considering the tips and tricks shared by experts. 

      • Always use desiccants like silica pouches or gels or stuff your shoes with newspaper to keep them away from moisture.
      • Use polish and clean your female loafer shoes regularly to avoid its contact with the dust. 
      • Try to keep away sunlight away from the loafer shoes for women as it can lead to fading of their lustre. 
      • Use a shoe tree to make sure that the footwear retains its original shape even if you are not wearing them.
      • Use breathable fabric bags to store your backless loafers. The reason being plastic or cardboard bags can lead to no or less air circulation thus shortening their life.
      • Always keep the sole of the shoe clean. This helps in removing the unnecessary gunk from it and prevents it from rotting. 

      Seven Ways to Wear Loafer Shoes Women

      Women loafers are one of the trendiest shoe styles that have taken the fashion industry to storm. The possible reason for this is the comfortable design and a modern look that can be carried on casual and formal occasions. Hence, loafer shoes women have become a favourite for every young woman. Keeping this in mind, we have mentioned ten ways in which one can wear casual loafers.

      • Wearing a loafer with high-ankle socks is one of the vintage ways of using the shoe style.
      • One can adhere to the neutral tones like black, brown etc while picking up a loafer to use on formal and casual occasions. 
      • Loafer mules can be worn with a dark-toned maxi dress, this is perfect for day outings. 
      • You can always match your gorgeous pair of loafers with a formal pants suit or a simple blazer.
      • A block heel loafer can also be worn with a loose shirt accompanied by a pant or trousers. 
      • Pair up your heel loafer with tight-fitting leggings or gym wear to give a styled vibe during a casual outing. 
      • Casual loafer women can be teamed up with baggy jeans to give a clean and smooth look on any day. 


      Q1: Which is the best brand for buying women's loafers?

      A1: Aachho is the best brand for buying women's loafers.

      Q2: What are the different designs one can get while shopping for loafers on Aachho’s website?

      A2: One can get loafers in simple designs, embroidered with gold and beads, and plain leather loafers while shopping for loafers on Aachho’s website.

      Q3: What is the usual price range in which one can buy loafers for women?

      A3: The usual price range in which one can buy loafers for women is INR 2500 to 3000.

      Q4: Are the female loafer shoes available on Aachho handcrafted?

      A4: Yes, the female loafer shoes available on Aachho are handcrafted.

      Q5: What is the one way to keep your loafers intact as per Aachho’s experts?

      A5: One way to keep your loafers intact as per Aachho’s experts is to avoid direct contact with water, clean with a dry cloth and store the shoes in a cool dry place when not in use.

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