Chanderi Saree

Chanderi Sarees are thought to have been invented by the handloom weavers of the same name. These are made of pure silk, silk cotton, and Chanderi cotton fabrics and are really very beautiful citing their utter sheen and richness which gives them a luxurious feeling.

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      Chanderi Saree: The Epitome of Grace And Beauty

      Chanderi Sarees are a testament to India's rich tradition and culture. Named after the small town of Madhya Pradesh where these sarees were first produced, Chanderi sarees are known for their luxurious finish, lightweight, and translucent texture. 

      These sarees have held a unique place in the hearts of women for ages and are often referred to as ‘woven air’ because of their sheerness. Even now, big Bollywood celebrities and fashion influencers enjoy donning designer Chanderi sarees and are frequently spotted wearing them on festive occasions. If you enjoy wearing sarees as much as they do, you must get your hands on the classy and opulent Chanderi saree.

      At Aachho, you can find an endless variety ranging from Banarasi Chanderi silk saree to Chanderi pattu saree and traditional Chanderi silk sarees. The Chanderi silk cotton sarees available at Aachho can be worn not only to festive events but also to work and casual gatherings. So, go explore the vast collection of Chanderi sarees and enhance your wardrobe with this versatile attire.

      Origin Of Chanderi Handloom Saree

      Chanderi Sarees are thought to have been invented by the handloom weavers of Chanderi, a small town in Madhya Pradesh. Initially, Muslim weavers dominated the craft until 1350, when Koshti weavers from Jhansi migrated to Chanderi and transformed the fabric into something much more illustrious and fashionable. By the 17th century, Chanderi town had become a major centre for Chanderi textiles, thanks to royal patronage from the Mughals and other rulers. 

      Although Chanderi fabric was mentioned as early as the Vedic period, it was during the Mughal era that the technique of Chanderi weaving reached its pinnacle. Several Mughal sources state that Chanderi fabric was widely utilized in the Mughal courts to produce ceremonial robes and other ensembles. The Scindia royal family also supported the traditional craft, which led to the resurgence of Chanderi weaving in 1910. During this period, motifs made in gold threads were introduced into Chanderi weaving to make it appear more opulent. 

      However, demand for Chanderi fabric dropped throughout the 1920s as British rulers imported cheaper cloth, inflicting a severe blow to the exquisite handspun Chanderi fabric. Fortunately, in recent years, the popularity of wearing Chanderi sarees has grown due to the support of the country’s leading designers and celebrities. If you are also in search of premium quality Chanderi silk sarees, head on to Aachho online and browse the extensive collection of Chanderi cotton sarees available in a variety of colours and patterns.

      Different Types Of Chanderi Sarees

      Typically, Chanderi sarees are made of pure silk, silk cotton, and Chanderi cotton fabrics. Depending on the motifs, fabrics, and the production process, Chanderi sarees can be classified into:

      1. Pure Chanderi Silk Sarees: Golden zari is woven into silk or cotton to create pure Chanderi silk sarees. Adding golden zari to silk and cotton creates a distinctive sheer texture that gleams over the yarn. 
      2. Banarasi Chanderi Silk Saree: Banarasi Chanderi silk sarees are a wonderful blend of the sophisticated elegance of Chanderi fabric and the distinct motifs found in traditional Banarasi sarees. If you're looking for a Chanderi silk saree for the purpose of weddings or a festive occasions, the Chanderi Banarasi saree is an excellent option.
      3. Chanderi Pattu Sarees: Pattu silk, which is commonly used in south Indian sarees, is used to make Chanderi pattu sarees. The pattu silk threads are made of mulberry silk, and when mixed with the Chanderi fabric, they add to the saree's richness and give it a more luxurious finish.
      4. Chanderi Katan Silk Sarees: These sarees are made of highly twisted silk yarn, which gives the Chanderi fabric a slight fluffiness. Chanderi Katan silk sarees are most popularly worn in Maharashtra. 
      5. Hand block print Chanderi sarees: Hand block print Chanderi cotton sarees such as Chanderi ajrakh sarees, Chanderi kalamkari sarees, and Chanderi bagru print sarees have grown in popularity in recent years. They not only come in a wide range of colours and patterns but are also lightweight and ideal for casual gatherings and small events.

      Shop Designer Chanderi Saree Online

      Chanderi silk sarees are without a doubt among the most gorgeous forms of nine yards apparel that every woman enjoys wearing. The sheer texture and intricate weaving of golden zari with cotton and silk lend a subtle beauty to the Chanderi saree that never fails to impress.

      No matter what you're looking for, whether it is pure Chanderi sarees, Chanderi printed sarees, black Chanderi sarees, red Chanderi sarees, pink Chanderi sarees, indigo Chanderi sarees, Chanderi cotton silk sarees, Chanderi organza sarees, or designer Chanderi cotton sarees, Aachho has it all! Explore our collection of unique Chanderi sarees online and buy some for yourself today! While you're at it, browse our extensive collection of suit sets, sharara suits, lehengas, co-ord sets, and more.

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