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Satchel bag is similar to old-school bag packs but with a modern twist. These bags are mostly rectangular or square in shape. The primary material used to craft these bags are leather, cotton fabric, or polyester. This bag is popular as its design is very ergonomic and is available in various shapes and designs making it a friendly piece for both women and men.

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      6 products

      Satchel Bag - A Must-Have Bag for Every Woman!

      There are a lot of varieties when it comes to women's handbags! Amongst all of them, the latest one that has found a place in the fashion street this season is the Satchel bag. The trendiest design of this bag was seen in leading fashion shows of luxury designers.

      Earlier, the satchel bag was used as a backpack generally by men for office purposes. These are similar to old-school bag packs but with a modern twist. However, new generation designers have improvised the whole look from the perspective of a woman. Talking about the design of the satchel bags for women is mostly rectangular or square in shape.

      The primary material used to craft these bags are leather, cotton fabric, or polyester. The satchels for women often come in vibrant colors, with multiple pockets, and a leather strap to use as a shoulder bag. Some satchel bags for women also comes with a long sling belt that makes them more convenient and comfortable to carry. 

      Another important point that makes this bag different from others is the space distribution. The space offered by a ladies satchel bag is customisable. You can get it in all shapes and sizes for your convenience. If you are looking forward to buying a satchel handbag this summer then do check out this page till the end.

      Best Stachel Bags You Can Add to Your Wardrobe

      Satchel Bags have become a style statement and are considered more than just an accessory by the fashion police. A lot of times you can find famous celebrities carrying satchel bags for women by famous designers in their airport looks.

      However, these designs are not just limited to big fashion houses. Several Indian brands like Aachho have been producing ladies satchel handbags in affordable price ranges for Indian customers. These bags are well crafted and designed by experts using Indian aesthetic techniques. 

      Handblock Satchel Bag

      The hand block comes in two designs namely a white floral hand block bag and a peach hand block bag. This satchel for women is crafted with the technique of block printing in organic cotton fabric. The complete design is handcrafted which makes it unique and sustainable for the environment as well. Talking about the size specification, the satchel bags for women have size 6 x 11 inches making them quite spacious. The bag is in the shape of a rectangular box along with a leather strap to carry it conveniently. 

      Cotton Block Satchel Bag

      The second satchel handbag option is perfect for any regular outing or event. These are also handcrafted with cotton block over organic cotton fabric. This ladies satchel bag comes in four variants namely imperial blue, white veronica, brown cotton block, and pink floral design. Talking about the size specification, the bags come in a size of 5x8 inches in the shape of a square. The satchel purse has a leather strap attached to it making it more convenient to carry. 

      Satchel vs Tote: A Close Comparison!

      Satchel handbags have been ruling the market for a quite long time. However, this bag is often confused with a tote bag. There are several differences between both styles making them poles apart from each other. Check out the section below to get a quick insight regarding the same. 

      • A tote bag has an open top that can be closed with a zip along with two large handles. Whereas, satchels for women are closed with a flap and have a shoulder strap or large strap. 
      • The internal body of a tote bag does not have any partitions usually. However, satchel purse often comes with partitions and small pockets to carry things more conveniently. 
      • Tote bags are traditionally made with cotton, canvas, nylon, or any sturdy material. Whereas, the base material of the satchel backpack is usually leather or cotton fabric. 
      • Tote bags often come in a large size thus making them more spacious and it used to carry a lot of things. However, women’s satchel purses are usually mid-sized. 


      Q: What is a satchel bag?

      A: The satchel bag is traditionally a backpack that was used to carry books and other things to school or offices. 

      Q: Are the satchel handbag currently in trend?

      A: Yes, at present, the travel satchel is in trend, it is endorsed by a lot of celebrities and influencers.

      Q: What is the usual price of the satchel design in India?

      A: The minimum price to get the satchel for women is INR 1500. Whereas, the usual price range for bags from luxury brands is available in the price range of INR 80,000 to 1 lakh.

      Q: How many types of satchel handbags are available?

      A: At present, two types of satchel handbags are available i.e. hand block and cotton block satchel bags.

      Q: What is the difference between a satchel and tote bag?

      A: The major difference between a satchel and a tote bag is their closure. The closure of the tote is open whereas the satchel bags can be closed with a flap.

      Q: What is the material used to make a satchel backpack?

      A: The usual material that is used to make the satchel purse is leather, organic cotton, fabric, and polyester.

      Q: What is the way to style a satchel bag?

      A: You can style a satchel bag by carrying it on your shoulder with a regular dress.

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