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Be it a corporate professional or a college girl these bags can be found in anyone’s closet. The prominent factor that makes it a personal favourite for women is the versatility these bags carry. The usual price list of sling bags lies between INR 1200 to INR 2 lakhs. Trendy Sling bags are available in the block print design.

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      2 products

      Sling Bags: A Stylish Accessory Option for Women!

      Handbags are one of those accessories that complete a women's look. The market is full of different types of handbags out of which sling bags are considered the most stylish options. Be it any regular outing or a formal meeting a sling bag can be used on any occasion.

      The slings bags were popular back in the 1990s when it was known as fanny bags. However, they are back on trend and have been used widely. Be it a corporate professional or a college girl these bags can be found in anyone’s closet. 

      There are several reasons that attribute to the success of sling bags online. However, the prominent factor that makes it a personal favourite for women is the versatility these bags carry. These side purses for women can be brought from the offline market or online stores depending on the need and budget.

      If you are also looking to gift yourself a branded sling bag then this is the right page. We have talked about the different aspects one needs to consider before buying a sling bag.

      Editor’s Pick for Sling Bags

      Sling bags are currently in trend these days. A lot of luxury fashion labels have launched different kinds of bags that can be often found on the shoulders of celebrities. The usual price list of sling bags lies between INR 1200 to INR 2 lakhs. However, if you are looking for some affordable picks this summer then, the following two options can be considered. 

      Mustard Cotton Block Printed Sling Bags

      This mustard cotton block printed bag is a must-have for this summer. The bag is round in shape and is handcrafted with organic cotton. This branded sling bag is accompanied by a leather sling bag and comes in the size of 9x9 inches. 

      Sienna Cotton Block Printed Sling Bags

      This is the second pick for sling bag lovers. This bag comes with an orange base and has a floral block printing design. The bag is accompanied by a leather sling and is spacious enough to carry a lot of things on any regular outing. 

      Top Reasons to Invest in a Sling Bag

      The sling bags for women were one of the most fashionable accessories back in the 90s. These bags not only help in carrying essentials but also adds a style quotient to a women’s attire. Here are our top reasons that women should always invest in a cute sling bag. 

      • The sling handbags come with a lot of variety that one can choose from. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Apart from this one can also choose the material i.e. leather, fabric, and nylon. 
      • The versatility of the sling purse helps one to carry it in different ways. The bags can be also used to be carried on different occasions. 
      • Sling bags online can be used as a perfect accessory to be carried during the summer with a breezy outfit. 
      • The sling bag is one of the perfect accessories if one wishes to avoid neck and shoulder pain. It usually comes with a double strap that makes it convenient to carry for a longer period of time. 
      • Sling bags often come with a separator and a chain on the bag. This helps in keeping different things separate and more conveniently. 

      Ten Types of Sling Bags for Women

      Sling bags for women are the best accessory that one can carry with ethnic as well as western wear. They are the perfect option when it comes to choosing the perfect handbag. Here are the names of the different types of stylish sling bags for women that can be considered. 

      Round Bag

      The round sling bags for women are round in shape. These bags are usually made with fabric or leather. They are usually closed with a chain and also have a small pocket inside to carry things. 

      Barrel Bag

      A barrel bag is a kind of bag that is cylindrical in shape and is accompanied with a strap or chain. The bag is usually used as a gym bag for carrying things. This sling bag also comes in a lot of shapes and sizes one can choose from. 

      Foldover Bag

      This is one of the stylish sling bags that are trendy these days. The bag is usually rectangular in shape and comes with flap closure. One can increase or decrease the strap size at their own convenience. 

      Sling backpack

      This is the classic style of a sling bag. This was earlier used as a backpack to be carried for longer treks and travel. The material used to make these bags were camel skin or canvas for greater strength. The bag can be used to keep a lot of things i.e. books, essentials, etc. 


      Crossbody bags are bags that are worn with the strap looping over one shoulder and diagonally crossing your body. These bags are worn with both long straps that fall at the hips and short straps that fall at the waist.

      Envelope Sling Bag

      An envelope sling bag is similar to a foldover bag. The only difference between these two bags is that this has less space as compared to the latter. This bag is used to keep things such as phones and cosmetics. 

      Micro Bag

      Micro Bags have taken the internet by storm when it was carried by leading celebrities. Top luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vitton have launched branded sling micro bags. These are really small in size accompanied by a long strap and can be used to carry only keys or mint. 

      Box Sling Bag 

      Also known as evening bags, box sling bags are one of the stylish trends that one can go for. The box sling bag is often used for any evening party and is made of hard material along with beautiful embroidery. 

      Bucket Bag

      Bucket bags are sling handbags that are usually longer in size having the top section resembling a bucket. The top part is often closed with the help of a drawstring that can be loosened or fastened. These bags are very spacious and also have small pockets or chains inside.

      Minaudiere Bag

      A minaudière bag is an improvised version of a clutch bag. This is considered one of the best sling bags for its aesthetics. The bag is often accompanied by beautiful pearl or stone embroidery. This bag is made of hard material and can be used to carry small items like keys, lipstick, and some cash or card. 

      Messenger Bag

      A messenger is usually considered a unisex bag. It is used for both formal and casual occasions by both men and women. This branded sling bag is usually made up of fabric or leather. It is typically used to carry things like books and laptops etc. 


      Q: What is a sling bag?

      A: The sling bag is a kind of small compact bag that comes with a long strap made with leather. This bag is used to carry a lot of things during travel or trekking. These branded handbags online are usually rectangular or round in shape and come with a shoulder strap. 

      Q: Are the sling handbag currently in trend?

      A: Yes, luxury fashion brands have relaunched sling bags in the market. One can invest into different types of bags be they quilted, leather, or fabric bags.

      Q: What is the usual price of the sling bag in India?

      A: At present, you can get a sling shoulder bag at a price as low as 1500 and the upper price limit of the bags goes to INR 1 lakhs.

      Q: Why was the handbag named a sling purse?

      A: The sling bag always comes with a mid or small-size bag accompanied by a long size.

      Q: Is sling purses shoulder bag?

      A: Yes, the usual size of a sling purse is small or midsize. It comes with a leather or metallic shoulder strap attached to it for its convenience. 

      Q: What are sling handbags made of?

      A: A lot of materials like leather, organic cotton, fabric, and polyester can be used to make the sling shoulder handbag these days.

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      Mustard Yellow Cotton Blockprinted Sling Bag 1,359
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