Truly Ethnic, Truly Aachho

Aachho is India's leading online ethnicwear fashion house, living up to the meaning of its Rajasthani name, 'Too Good' through its curated collections.

Founded in 2018, Aachho has earned a distinguished name in the industry to become one of the most trusted ethnic fashion brands in the country. Inspired by indigenous fashion traditions, traditional techniques and cultural heritage, every design at Aachho strikes a perfect equilibrium between ethnic sensibilities and contemporary aesthetics.

The Founders

The couple behind Aachho, Rimjhim Hada and Anurag Singh Khangarot truly believe that their commitment to quality and fine craftsmanship has been the foundation of Aachho's ever-growing tribe of modern women.

An engineer by profession, Rimjhim always had a passion for all things fashion. Rimjhim Hada kickstarted the journey of Aachho in 2018 with a range of handblock suit sets and single-handedly managed collection design, social media management and online marketing for Aachho in its initial years. Anurag Singh Khangarot, on the other hand, had 10+ years of working experience in the eCommerce industry and after realizing the online growth potential of his wife’s business idea, Anurag joined Aachho as co-founder and CEO.

Currently, Rimjhim manages the creative design and marcom part and Anurag oversees the finance and technology side of the business. Together, they are steering Aachho to new heights with many innovative plans under process for its future expansion.

The Logo Story

Rimjhim and Anurag always wanted to create a brand that honoured their roots. So, when it came to deciding the brand name and logo for their ethnic wear fashion brand, they knew it had to be inspired by Rajasthani culture and Heritage.


When deciding on the name our founders researched various native Rajasthani names. After days of brainstorming and research, a prevalent ‘Marwari’ word, Aachho which means ‘too good’ struck the chord. The name truly symbolises our motto ‘Feel Good With Us,’ and its uniqueness has helped us create higher recall value amongst our customers.


The primary brand colour, Pink is inspired by the Terracotta colour of Jaipur’s walled city, also regarded as the Pink City. The other primary hue of golden is a homage to the royal history of Marwars in the state.


The traditional Mandana rangoli designs made from chalk pastels are commonly seen as wall and floor art on most mud houses across the rural parts of Rajasthan. Geometric pattern mandanas became the perfect muse for our logo symbol, allowing us to create a distinctive identity for the brand.

Our Design Ethos

When it comes to design muse, Rajasthan’s vivid cultural and architectural heritage has been our forever inspiration. Design processes and techniques involve thorough exploration and experimentation of traditional and modern technology to find a sweet equilibrium between the past, present and future. To achieve this, we continuously interpret and adapt the traditional textile crafts in a way that preserves the beauty of handmade fashion and makes our collections inherently sustainable.

Handcrafted with love

All our collections are brought to life by a vast team of experienced artisans who have mastered their craft for generations.

Premium fabrics

We use premium quality, durable and skin-friendly fabrics that feel comfortable and give a luxurious look.

Chic silhouettes

Every ensemble is designed to celebrate the paradox of traditional and modern, ethnic and contemporary aesthetics.

Focus on Sustainibility

Sustainability is an innate part of our overall design ethos and we are undertaking mindful steps towards wastage reduction and conscious consumption.

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