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Sarees crafted out of Silk Fabric are a valuable treasure in every woman’s wardrobe, the most popular being Kanchivaram silk, Bhagalpuri silk, Chanderi silk, and Patola silk. Gujarat, South India, Delhi, Varanasi, and Malwa are popular hubs of silk saree manufacturers.

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      6 products

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      Among the large varieties of sarees found in India, the most popular is the versatile and sumptuous silk saree. Whether it is Kanchivaram silk, Bhagalpuri silk, Chanderi silk, or Patola silk, sarees crafted out of silk fabric are a valuable treasure in every woman’s wardrobe.

      In addition to being highly fashionable, silk sarees hold a lot of cultural and religious importance. Since they are considered auspicious, most Indian women wear silk sarees at religious events and even offer them to goddesses. Besides, these sarees are also worn during festive rituals, weddings, and formal events. If you're also seeking a trendy silk saree that makes you look like a diva, visit Aachho's online store and shop for the latest silk sarees from the comfort of your home.

      A brief history of silk sarees

      In India, silk cloth was originally used to dress members of the royal family and to make brocade by combining metal and silk fibres. In ancient times, the primary hubs of silk weaving in the country were Gujarat, South India, Delhi, Varanasi, and Malwa. As silk weaving became popular throughout the country, weavers in different locations merged their native characteristics, resulting in each region with its own type of silk saree. Kanjivaram sarees, Banarasi sarees, Paithani sarees, Assam silk sarees, Bomkai sarees, Tussar silk sarees, and Patola silk sarees are some of the most well-known silk sarees in India.

      Pick your favourite from a variety of silk sarees available at Aachho

      Browse Aachho's exquisite silk saree collection to find the perfect silk saree for any occasion. Some of our most popular silk sarees are:

      • Hand Block Printed Silk Sarees: These sarees are an excellent choice to be worn in formal events and festive ceremonies, as they combine the lustrous beauty of silk with the colourful themes and patterns of Indian block printing techniques.
      • Hand-Painted Silk Sarees: Hand-painted organza silk sarees are the trendiest sarees at present. These silk sarees, embellished with delicate hand-painted designs of birds and flowers, are popular choices for attending day gatherings, particularly during the summer and monsoon seasons.
      • Organza Silk Sarees: The lightweight and sheer texture of organza silk never fail to exude elegance and grace. Organza Silk Sarees are definitely the right choice if you are looking for something delicate and feminine. 
      • Tie and Dye Silk Saree: Indian tie and dye techniques like leheriya and bandhani look even more vibrant when carved on silk fabric. Bandhani and Leheriya silk sarees are especially worn during festive events and religious ceremonies. The Gharchola kind of Bandhani tie and dye saree is also given to brides at ceremonies. 
      • Chiffon Silk Sarees: Chiffon silk is the best fabric for keeping you cool and comfortable during the summer season. From attending evening parties to wedding ceremonies, chiffon silk sarees are available in a variety of designs and patterns and are suitable for almost any occasion and time of day.
      • Chanderi Silk Sarees: Also known as ‘woven air,’ chanderi silk sarees are known for their sheer texture, lightweight, and luxurious finish. The secret behind this unique fabric is its production process wherein silk is woven with golden zari. 

      Tips on taking care of silk sarees

      If you want your priceless silk sarees to last for years with the same lustre and beauty, you must put in a little extra effort. Here are a few pointers to help you keep your silk sarees in good condition.

      1. Wrap your silk sarees in a cotton cloth or paper.
      2. Once every few months, take out your silk sarees and let them get some fresh air. 
      3. Do not dry your silk sarees in scorching heat as it might dull its colour.
      4. Use only cold water when washing these sarees and apply minimal detergent. 
      5. Handle the silk sarees as gently as possible. 
      6. Iron silk sarees in medium heat. 

      Shop designer silk sarees online at Aachho

      Silk sarees are a timeless piece of Indian ethnic apparel distinguished by their rich texture and light-weightedness. They are not only trendy, but also versatile, and come in a wide range of colours, designs, and patterns. At Aachho, you will find the most beautiful collection of silk sarees ranging from hand block printed silk sarees and chanderi sarees, to organza silk sarees, chiffon silk sarees, and hand painted silk sarees online. So, head over to Aachho and enhance your closet with a classic silk saree. While you’re browsing the silk saree collection, also take a look at our stunning variety of suit setssharara suitslehengas, co-ord sets, and more.

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