Jutti for women is a common shoe that is worn by women of Punjab. The popular juttis designs are gota patti, cutdana, handwork, hand embroidery, mirror work, pearl work, zardozi work and sequin work.

      85 products

      85 products

      Punjabi Juttis - A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Culture

      Punjabi Juttis are one of the trendiest footwear these days. It is the current favorite of many leading ladies of Bollywood as well. Jutti the word finds its roots in the Urdu language that means footwear that has its upper closed. Jutti for women is a common shoe that is worn by women of Punjab. However, thanks to the fashion labels that bring these iconic shoe styles back into mainstream fashion. 

      Talking about its origin, it was invented back in around 200 BC. That was the time when cobblers made these jutti straight with pure leather for their kings. However, with time, footwear has undergone a lot of changes and now different techniques are used to adorn these comfortable pairs of shoes. 

      Coming to the detailing, the material used in making designer Punjabi jutti is always pure leather or synthetic leather. The upper part is covered with a spherical or M shape cut and it covers only the half of foot. Next, comes the design, it can be custom-made. However, these days, embroidered juttis are in fashion. If you are someone who is going to splurge their money on ladies' juti then this page is going to guide you regarding the same. 

      Types of Juttis for Women 

      Gone are those days when Punjabi jutti was available in brown or beige color with simple cutout work. These days designers use a lot of different styles ranging from print, embroidery, Gota Patti work, etc to design unique jutti pairs. 

      The juttis are also high in demand for brides hence to cater to that need they are designed with heavy embellishments. There are multiple designs of jutti designs floating in the market however we suggest investing in the following designs. 

      Cutdana Work 

      Cutdana work is basically the traditional work of using beads and stone. The name cut daana implies that these are cut in a way that they attract light reflection thus making the jutti go sparkle. The cut dana work jutti for women comes with genuine leather and handcrafted work. Pair this flat jutti with a pair of cotton kurta and palazzo. 

      Gota Work 

      Gota work is basically the cultural heritage of Rajasthan. However, stylists of Aachho have brought together the two arts together to bring to you Gota's work Juttis. Set in a leather-crafted jutti in vibrant shades like Pink, Orange, and Firoza. The top part of the designer jutti is adorned with handcrafted gota lace. Wear this exceptionally beautiful jutti with a Kaftan Kurta dress. 

      Hand Embroidery 

      Who must have thought that embroidery is possible on footwear also? Kudos to the Aachho team for bringing these exclusive pieces. The hand-embroidered juttis are often found in rose petals patterns.

      Mirror Work 

      Mirror work is another type of juttis that one can find in the trend these days. The upper part of the jutti is embellished with mirrors that give it a very chunky vibe. This kind of footwear is perfect for a bride or for the upcoming festive season. 

      Pearl Work 

      The last kind of Punjabi jutti on our list is pearl work. These juttis are set in a leather-based with cushioned soles. The upper part of the part is embellished with pearls and beautiful stone making it royal and regal. 

      Advantages of Wearing Juttis

      Comfortable jutti is the choice of every woman who wants to give a royal touch to their footwear. Be it ethnic or western outfits juttis are the first choice for giving a stylish touch to the overall look. Additionally, these stylish juttis also offers a lot of advantages that can be checked in the section below. 

      • Juttis that come with cushioned leather soles is known to offer comfort to the foot. This in turn helps in maintaining a good posture and a better spine position. A bad posture is something that has to be kept in check to avoid painful and strained muscles. 
      • Another advantage of carrying a stylish jutti is that the sole is often flat which can avoid heel pain. Often wearing heels for a longer period of time lead to swelling in the tissues around the heels of the foot. A jutti is something whose sole is flat and hence it does not allows pain in the foot. 
      • Fancy juttis are in fashion these days both for the male and female. You can always pair it with ethnic or western clothes for an amplified look. 


      Q1: What is a punjabi juttis?

      A1:  Jutti the word finds its roots in the Urdu language that means footwear that has its upper closed.

      Q2: Which brand is best for juttis for women sets for women?

      A2: Aachho is the best brand for juttis online for women. You can get a good quality comfortable pair of juttis here in a range of INR 1500 to 4500.

      Q3: What is the usual price of juttis for women's sets in India?

      A3: At present, you can get shoulder juttis for women's sets at a price as low as 1500 and the upper price limit of the bags goes to INR 4000 or more.

      Q4: How many types of juttis for women online are there?

      A4: Presently, there are twenty types of juttis designs namely, cutdana work, gota work, hand embroidery, mirror work, pearl work, etc. 

      Q5: Can anyone wear casual juttis for women?

      A5: Yes, owing to the comfortable yet casual look they carry a lady's juttis that can be worn by women of any age. 

      Q6: What are juttis for women made of?

      A6: A lot of materials like leather, raxin, and synthetic leather can be used to make stylish juttis online these days.

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