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      Aachho Handblock Printed Sarees

      If you're looking for a timeless piece of Indian fashion, look no further than hand block print sarees! Hand block sarees are known for their intricate designs and beautiful color combinations. Since these sarees are handblock printed, each one has a unique design and pattern, which is why hand block sarees are a favorite among Indian women.

      In India, hand block print sarees are mainly produced in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, and West Bengal. While the designs and methods of producing hand block sarees vary among these regions, each has a distinct aesthetic appeal and artistry.

      To add a hand block print saree to your wardrobe, check out Aachho’s collection of hand block printed sarees in a wide variety of motifs, patterns, colors, and materials on our website.

      Origin Of Hand Block Printing In India

      Given the growing popularity of hand-block-printed sarees in the country, you'd think it was a recent creation. Well, you’ll be surprised to know that Indians have been acquainted with the art of hand block printing since the Indus Valley Civilization which existed around 8,000 years ago. However, it was during the Mughal era that Indian hand block printing not only attained its pinnacle but also gained a foothold in global markets.

      The Mughals influenced the Indian block printing style by introducing floral, animal, bird, and curvilinear motifs in addition to the geometric patterns that were used previously. Even today, all of these motifs are used to create hand block printed sarees and other kinds of apparel.

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      Types Of Hand Block Print Sarees at Aachho

      Let us take a look at the different styles of hand block print sarees that you can find at Aachho. 

      • Bagh Hand Block Print Saree: The Bagh hand block print is from Madhya Pradesh and is characterized by natural and Taj Mahal-inspired red and black geometric and floral designs. You can find Bagh print in hand block printed silk sarees and cotton sarees.
      • Kalamkari Hand Block Print Saree: The use of earthy colour tones and nature-inspired designs like peacocks and flowers distinguishes Kalamkari hand block printed cotton sarees from other block printing styles. These hand block printed cotton sarees also make heavy use of Indian paisley themes. Some Kalamkari hand block sarees also depict Indian mythological tales.
      • Ajrakh Hand Block Print Saree: ‘Ajrakh’ is an Arabic word for ‘blue’. As the name implies, indigo is the dominant hue in Ajrakh hand block printed sarees. Gujarat and Rajasthan are well-known for their Ajrakh 'jaal' hand block cotton sarees.
      • Dabu Hand Block Print Saree: Dabu block printing is prevalent in Rajasthan and is defined by its symmetrical geometric and nature-inspired designs. Indigo hand block print sarees employing the Dabu technique are famous throughout the country.
      • Sanganeri Hand Block Print Saree: Sanganeri block printed sarees are produced in the Sanganer district, near Jaipur. Traditionally used for the Jaipur royal family, Sanganeri block printing is renowned for its curvilinear intricate patterns and color schemes. Sanganeri hand block print sarees have predominantly white backgrounds with colorful motifs inspired by local trends and nature, such as flowers, animals, fruits, and geometrical patterns printed on them.
      • Bagru Hand Block Print Saree: Bagru hand block printing is also done in Rajasthan. The motifs of Bagru hand block print are comparable to those of Sanganeri style, although this type of block printing is generally done on cotton and uses black and red colors. Other color combinations of Bagru hand block print sarees are indigo and white.
      • Batik Hand Block Print Saree: Batik hand block print sarees are usually made in cotton and silk. This wax-based style mostly comprises geometrical patterns and flower and leaf motifs.

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