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Baguette shoulder bags were designed and launched by Fendi, an Italian fashion company in the year 1997 These small rectangular-shaped bags came with a short strap making them convenient to carry. Citing its heavy popularity, a lot of trendy designers have launched their baguette bags but if you are willing to get a designer bag at affordable pricing then do browse Aachho’s collection.

      15 products

      15 products

      Baguette Bag -  A Classic 90s Style Back in Fashion!

      Baguette bags - a fashion accessory back in the 90s are back! These small rectangular-shaped bags came with a short strap making them convenient to carry. The bag can be carried with any traditional or western attire too to accentuate the overall look. 

      Baguette shoulder bags were designed and launched by Fendi, an Italian fashion company in the year 1997. However, the bag garnered public attention with the popular series Sex and the city where it was carried by the female protagonist. Citing its heavy popularity back then, Fendi was able to sell a million units in the last twenty years. 

      The Baguette purse was very popular in the late 90s and early 2000. However, soon it was dethroned by other bag styles. However, Fendi made sure that it didn't get wiped from the memory of people. Hence, it kept arranging exhibitions from time to time. 

      Top Five Baguette Bags in India Worth Investing 

      Baguette shoulder bags in India are also very popular. You can always find it in the airport looks of top celebrities or famous socialites. With this, the bags have taken the Indian bag industry to storm. Women irrespective of their age cycle are been going gaga over this design. 

      However, as of now, only luxury fashion brands have launched their branded handbags online. Talking about Indian buyers, we always want trendy things at affordable prices. Hence, to cater to the demands of Indian women, Aachho has launched its own Baguette bag collection. So, if you are also willing to add a baguette shoulder bag to your closet this season, the following options can be considered. 

      Black Baguette Bag

      Black is one such colors that add an oomph factor to one’s overall look. This is the reason that the stock of black color sells off very fast. A black baguette bag is something that can complete your overall look. 

      This is a 6 x 14-inch handcrafted black baguette bag made with sustainable fabric. The bags come with an inner cotton lining and a small coin pocket. Add this black baguette handbag to your wardrobe and give everyone a run for their money. 

      Flower Fairy Baguette Bag

      The Flower Fairy is next in our list for the trendy handbag category. Talking about the product, it is made with organic cotton and is handcrafted. The colorful floral pattern embossed on a sea green base adds a luxurious theme to the whole bag. 

      The bag comes in size 6x14 inches with a regal look. Even though the size is mid-range, the bag is quite spacious from the inside and sturdy to carry. 

      Fusion Floral Baguette Bag

      Coming in a quirky tomato red color Fusion floral baguette bag India is the third bag that is affordable to carry. The bag is handcrafted with love and organic cotton. The bags come with a leather strap handle that makes them easy to carry anywhere. 

      Talking about the size specification, these branded handbags online comes in the size of 6x14 inch. The brownie point that this bag has is that it is approved by a lot of celebrities. Customise this bag with a pair of a tank tops and jeans for your perfect movie night. 

      Imperial Red Baguette Bag

      Smaller and slimmer as compared to its counterparts, this baguette shoulder bag is a copy of the vintage bags sold by big fashion moguls. Coming with a dark red base with a floral design, this baguette purse can be paired with a simple salwar kameez. 

      The size specification of the bag is 5.5 X 11 inches and is thus a mini version. 

      Peach Rose Baguette Shoulder Bag

      Pink is one of the most popular colors among the female audience. This peach rose variant is one of the most sold branded handbags online at present. Handcrafted with organic cotton and a floral pattern this bag adds a little timidness to the overall look. You can always pair this baguette shoulder bag India with a Chikankari white suit set. 

      The bag comes in a compact size with a leather strap to carry on the shoulder. 

      Other Handbags Trends to Follow this Spring

      The baguette shoulder bag is ruling the fashion streets this year. However, if you are not an ardent fan of these bags then you can always go for another option. The following section consists of the branded handbags online that you can carry this summer. 

      Sling Bag

      Sling bags are one of the most popular bags amongst different ages of women. Sling bags are the second most chosen bag after the baguette bag in India citing the different shapes and sizes it is available in. The biggest pros of these bags are that you can just wear them on your shoulder or can also use it as a cross-body bag. 

      Shoulder Bag

      The shoulder bag is the father of all of these branded handbags online. This bag has a lot of categories i.e. satchel, baguette shoulder bag, tote bag etc, the list is neverending. The bag has been improvised over the year by adding more style, shapes, and shoulder straps. 

      Satchel Bag

      Traditionally, a Satchel bag was used by men to carry stuff to their workplace. However, fashion does not belong to a specific gender. Hence, it is serving as a famous fashion accessory amongst women. Talking about its design, the bag usually comes in rectangular and square shapes and is quite spacious. 

      Setting a fashion goal, a baguette handbag is a thing that you can find in any branded bag outlet. However, affordable fashion is one of the crucial things that a customer looks for.  We hope this blog provided you with insight regarding the style and options you can go for while buying a branded handbag online. For more such content, do visit the official website of Aachho. 


      Q: What is a baguette bag?

      A: The baguette bag is a kind of small compact bag that was first introduced in Italy. These branded handbags online are usually rectangular in shape and come with a shoulder strap. 

      Q: Are the baguette handbag currently in trend?

      A: Yes, luxury fashion brands have relaunched the baguette bag in the market. 

      Q: What is the usual price of the baguette bag in India?

      A: At present, you can get a baguette shoulder bag at a price as low as 1500 and the upper price limit of the bags goes to INR  5000.

      Q: Why was the handbag named a baguette purse?

      A: The baguette bag was known to settle under the arm comfortably in the similar way the french people carried their bread. Hence, the bag was named a bag baguette.

      Q: Is baguette purses a shoulder bag?

      A: Yes, the usual size of a baguette purse is small or midsize. It comes with a leather or metallic shoulder strap attached to it for its convenience. 

      Q: What are baguette handbags made of?

      A: A lot of material like leather, organic cotton, fabric, and polyester can be used to make the baguette shoulder handbag these days.

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