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Pouch bags are often available in a lot of different materials viz. Leather, fabric, organic cotton, polyester. The basic thing that makes pouch bags different from other bags is that they are convenient, spacious, and compact at the same time at an affordable price range.

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      A Shopping Guide to Buy Pouch Bags in India!

      The pouch bags are back in the style this season! These bags were created by Karl Lagerfeld for the Chanel brand. Over the years, the bags have carved a niche for themselves. Later the bags were recreated by the Gucci brand in the early 1990s. 

      Now, the travel pouch is back in the style. Recently, the bags were back in stock and were recreated in the fashion weeks abroad. Now, the waist pouch for women are back in the style and are often donned by celebrities on different occasions. 

      These mini pouches are often available in a lot of different materials viz. Leather, fabric, organic cotton, polyester. The basic thing that makes pouch bags different from other bags is that they are convenient, spacious, and compact at the same time. Other than this, there are multiple pouch designs i.e. circle, oval, rectangular, square, etc. If you are willing to get a pouch bag this season, then this shopping guide is going to be helpful for you. 

      Shopping Guide to Buy a Pouch Bag

      The market is full of brands selling pouch bags currently. However, to make sure that one gets a good quality product, it is important to adhere to the following tips while shopping for the travel pouch. These tips have been suggested by experts and are known to offer basic insight on how to buy small pouch bags.

      • Always check the base material used to make the pocket pouch and make sure that the price is in accordance with the material used. 
      • You can find a lot of cosmetic pouches in the market, just go through the sizes available and choose the one that is best suited for your utility. 
      • Next, check the size of the waist pouch for women and make sure that the same is spacious enough to keep all of your belongings. 
      • Another quick tip to keep in mind while thinking to invest in a mini pouch is its utility. Always check if the bag is good enough to be used with any kind of attire.

      Style Recommendation from Aachho Experts

      If you are also looking to buy a mini pouch bag then you can go for this cotton block printed pouch. The bag comes with a size specification of 5x7 inches. The bag is handcrafted with organic cotton and comes with zip closure. Other than this, it also has two elasticated compartments that can use used for smaller things. The bag is very spacious from the inside and can be used to keep a lot of things. 

      What is the Utility of a Travel Pouch?

      A travel pouch is known to serve a lot of purposes in the day-to-day. The reason for this increased popularity is the wide range of utilities, check out the section below to know about the top seven benefits. 

      • The pouch bags are lightweight and thus are easier to carry anywhere without any hassle.
      • These bags are durable and more flexible as compared to other handbags.
      • You can use a waist pouch for women to carry a lot of things be it everyday essentials, toiletry, etc. 
      • The makeup pouch bag can also be used to carry and keep your high-end makeup essentials. 
      • These bags are customisable and are available in a lot of shapes i.e. round, oval, rectangular, square, etc. 

      How to Style the Waist Pouch for Women?

      Pouch bags are the latest trends in the market and you can find top celebrities carrying them. These are small yet spacious that adding to the style quotient. Considering the high amount of style these bags carry, there are numerous ways to style small pouch bags. Our stylist team has suggested numerous ways that can be used to style the same. 

      • Carry your travel pouch on with a high-neck top and skirt to accentuate your evening look. 
      • Team up your bag with a trench coat and skirt during any lunch party. 
      • Carry the travel pouch while going for any trek or travel to carry your own set of toiletries or essentials. 
      • Style your waist pouch for women as a cross-body bag while going for any afterparty with your friends. 

      Pocket Pouch design is not only stylish but also adds a chic quotient to your everyday look. We hope this blog on the shopping guide to buying a pouch bag was helpful for all the ladies willing to invest this season. For more such fashion-oriented informational blogs, keep a tab on our website. 


      Q: What is a pouch bag?

      A: The travel pouch is a kind of small compact bag that was first introduced in Italy. The bag was created by Karl Lagerfeld for the Chanel brand. 

      Q: Are the pouch handbag currently in trend?

      A: Yes, at present, the travel pouch is in trend, it is endorsed by a lot of celebrities and influencers.

      Q: What is the usual price of the pouch design in India?

      A: The minimum price to get the waist pouch for women is INR 600. Whereas, the usual price range for bags from luxury brands is available in the price range of INR 80,000 to 1 lakh.

      Q: What is the basic utility of travel pouch bags?

      A: The basic utility of the pocket pouch is to carry different things i.e. everyday essentials, makeup, etc.

      Q: Is pouch purses shoulder bag?

      A: No, the pouch purse is not a shoulder bag. It can be either used as a cross-body bag or it can also be tied around the waist as a waist pouch.

      Q: What are travel pouch made of?

      A: The usual material that is used to make the small pouch bag is leather, organic cotton, fabric, and polyester.

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