Saree is one of the traditional pieces that depict Indian culture effortlessly. This garment piece is the soul of the country’s textile industry. Be it a simple cotton saree or a hand-painted organza saree you have a lot of options to explore for every occasion. You can wear a saree to a party or your workplace and carry it effortlessly. The base fabric used to craft a good piece of saree is usually cotton, silk, and organza. The artisan uses a variety of colours and techniques namely, handwork, tie and dye, and handpainted to embellish the saree. Browse through Aachho’s latest designer saree collection and buy these timeless pieces at affordable prices.

      54 products

      54 products

      Buy Unique Sarees That Transform You Into Artist's Muse

      Graceful, stylish, traditional, and trendy, the love for saree knows no bounds for women of all age groups. No matter what occasion when it comes to choosing a woman’s clothing option, a saree never fails to mesmerize us. Whether it is a workplace or a casual outing, we often find women wearing sarees as they add a touch of elegance to their personality. Easy to wash and maintain, this ensemble can never get out of trend as they are the epitome of femininity. Wondering where can you find a variety of trendy yet elegant sarees? Look no further than Aachho; a one-stop destination to find different saree options. Apart from offering exotic saree styles, we also have a range of, suit sets, western dresses, lehenga, co-ords sets and more.

      Trending Sarees For Women

      We have sarees for women featuring versatile borders, tie and dye sarees, lehriya sarees, handpainted organza sarees, embellished sarees, and more. Here, take a look at our most trending and best saree online shopping experience categories:-

      Tie & dye saree:

      The Tie & Dye saree is a beautiful example of Indian artistry. It's made by carefully folding and twisting fabric, then dyeing it to create stunning patterns and colours. These sarees for women come in many designs, from delicate bandhani to bold geometric styles. They have a special charm that shows off India's rich cultural heritage. Whether they're in earthy colours or bright ones, each Tie & Dye saree online has its own story to tell. People love wearing them for celebrations and festivals because they're both traditional and creative.

      Handpainted Saree:

      Handpainted sarees are like wearable works of art. Skilled artists carefully paint intricate designs and stunning scenes right onto the fabric. Each one tells a story, whether it's about tradition, culture, or nature. They can have flowers, animals, or beautiful landscapes painted on them, which make them stand out and get noticed. They're perfect for fancy events or cultural celebrations because they're so elegant and special. Handpainted sarees for women are all about craftsmanship and beauty, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

      Leheriya Saree:

      Originating from the colourful landscapes of Rajasthan, Leheriya sarees are a celebration of traditional tie-dye techniques. This saree for women has diagonal stripes that look like waves and are called 'leher' in Hindi. They have a playful charm. To make them, vibrant colours are blended using a special tie-dyeing process, creating captivating patterns that move gracefully. Each leheriya saree brings joy and festivity. They're popular choices for weddings, festivals, and cultural events because of their timeless appeal and cheerful vibe.

      Handwork Saree:

      Handwork sarees are a symbol of luxury and beauty, designed with intricate details like embroidery, sequins, beads, and zari work. Skilled artisans pour their expertise and creativity into every saree, crafting them with love and precision. These sarees feature delicate floral motifs and elaborate designs inspired by royal traditions, representing opulence and grace. Whether it's the richness of zardozi or the intricate charm of mirror work, Handwork sarees elevate any outfit with a touch of regal sophistication. Perfect for special occasions like weddings and receptions, these sarees for women treasured as heirlooms, showcasing the timeless craftsmanship of India.

      Organza Saree:

      Organza sarees are all about elegance and grace. They're made from a lightweight fabric that's sheer and delicate. These sarees for women have a subtle shine and drape beautifully, enhancing the feminine charm of the wearer. Whether they're adorned with fancy embroidery, floral patterns, or simple decorations, Organza sarees add a touch of glamour to any event. They're perfect for daytime gatherings or evening parties, exuding sophistication and charm. Their see-through texture and light feel make them a classic choice for women who love modern style.

      Chiffon Saree:

      Chiffon sarees are known for being effortlessly stylish and adaptable. They're valued for their light, airy texture and how they gracefully drape. These designer sarees are made from finely spun yarns, giving them a subtle shine and a luxurious feel that speaks of sophistication. Chiffon sarees are a symbol of refined elegance. They're ideal for formal events, cocktail parties, or evening gatherings, adding a touch of class to any outfit. With their elegant shape and timeless charm, Chiffon sarees are a must-have in the wardrobe of any woman who appreciates easy-going fashion and sophisticated allure.

      Chanderi Saree:

      Chanderi sarees are famous for their smooth texture and detailed weaving. They show off India's long history of making beautiful fabrics. These sarees for women are made from a mix of silk and cotton, giving them a light and shiny quality that people love. Whether they're decorated with fancy designs, intricate borders, or classic patterns, Chanderi sarees always look elegant and classy. They're great for daytime parties, festivals, or cultural events, blending old-fashioned charm with modern fashion. Women who enjoy high-quality craftsmanship and classic beauty adore Chanderi sarees for their subtle sparkle and graceful way they hang.

      Silk Saree:

      Silk sarees are like the queens of luxury and elegance. They're famous for being super smooth, having bright colours, and is made with a lot of care. There are different kinds, like the Banarasi and Kanjivaram, each one being a work of art in itself. They're decorated with fancy designs, shiny threadwork, and other beautiful details that make them look super fancy and special. People love to wear them for big events like weddings or festivals because they stand out and make you feel special.

      Gota Patti Saree:

      Gota Patti sarees are stunningly beautiful and richly decorated with intricate designs made of gota work, delicate embroidery, and sparkling embellishments. These sarees originated in Rajasthan and are a representation of traditional skill and luxurious style. Each saree is carefully adorned with metallic ribbon, sequins, and beads, forming stunning patterns and motifs that radiate royal elegance. Whether worn for weddings, festivals, or other special occasions, Gota Patti women sarees instantly elevate any outfit with a touch of glamour and refinement. Their detailed craftsmanship and luxurious feel make them cherished possessions that reflect the grandeur of Indian culture and artistry.

      Printed Saree:

      Colourful and diverse, Printed sarees are all about celebrating colours, patterns, and creativity. They come in many designs, from bold shapes to pretty flowers, so there's something for everyone. These sarees for women are made using different methods like block printing, digital printing, or screen printing, making each one unique and reflecting both modern styles and traditional designs. Whether you wear them casually every day or dress them up for special events, Printed sarees always look charming and unique. Women who love to express themselves through their clothing adore such saree under 20000 for their fun prints and effortless style.

      Shop Designer Sarees for Women Online in India

      Whether you are seeking a saree for your wedding or are looking for a festive drape; the online platform like Aachho offers you astonishing options. Shop at your convenience from our online shopping site which is one-of-a-kind for ethnic wear. From handpainted to hand work, our collection has a saree for every woman of every age group. Hop on to our website, and start browsing through our graceful curation. Wear the exclusive sarees and grace the event with your exceptional fashion sense. All you have to do is choose from the wide array as per your colour choice & occasion, place the order, and sit back & relax. We’ll deliver your gorgeous saree to your doorstep. So, start shopping today & flaunt your ethnic fashion with modesty.


      Which saree is easy to wear?

      Mostly, georgette, chiffon and cotton are among the easiest sarees to wear. In fact, Aachho even offers pre-draped sarees making it a 5 minute thing to wear a saree. 

      Why is the saree so attractive?

      Saree embraces your persona and gives a subtle and sophisticated look. Wearing this on special and formal occasion is the first way to enhance your elegance. In fact, it glorifies your curves and silhouette. 

      Do girls look slim in saree?

      Yes, girls look slim and slender in a saree. In fact, fabrics like chiffon, georgette and crepe stick to your body, thus embracing your slimness. 

      Is saree a smart outfit?

      For formal occasions, festivals, and wedding season, a saree is the smartest outfit. You must know the hairstyle, makeup and look to enhance this overall appeal. 

      Can we wear saree without fall?

      If you worry about the saree falling, then you can wear thick and sturdy fabric as it sticks tightly and there are less chances of falling. Also, you can go for pre-draped sarees where the pleats are already stuck together. It drapes quickly and there are less chances to fall.

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