How to Look Slim in a Saree: Check Out the Best Designs for Slim Look

Sarees are the Indian fashion staples. From an iconic era of white wraparound sarees by nomads, till today where we look for ideas on how to look slim in a saree, we have come a long way. Along with us, sarees too have come a long way with their fashion statement. Today, even young girls wait for the days when they can wear their first saree. After all, that first saree is always special. To make this moment of saree even more special, there are numerous styles of it to choose from. To learn more, head online at Aachho- the one-stop traditional destination. This destination will be your house of glamour with sarees and some ideas on how to look slim in saree. Here are the top 10 designs you got to hunt from for this festive season.

Top Trendy Sarees At Aachho To Flaunt This Festive Season

These newest sarees are not just beautiful but also your answer to how to look thin in a saree. For this, here are all the trendy sarees to make you appear bold and sassy.



This stunning Kimaya Purple Leheriya Silk Pre Draped Saree is made for a slim body to appear slimmer and a plum body to appear prettiest. Credits to so many features aligned in this one kind of saree. Firstly, the florescent colour of this saree is everything. This colour is ideal for both night and day functions. On this, the silver lace embraces the color more. But do you know what is the best feature about this saree? It is the pre-draped design making it the best choice for a novice. Dress up in a flash and look lean with wrapping it tightly around your body. This saree is your answer for how to drape a saree to look slim. After all, wrapping it tightly and dropping the flare on the shoulder is enough.



The charm of chanderi saree pulls a woman closer to grab one instantly for the wardrobe. After all, chanderi sticks firmly to the body, takes your shape and gives you the beauty you want to be. This Aradhna Handblock Chanderi Saree from Aachho is one such example of the same. The fabric of the saree is its major attraction. Followed by the graceful hand block prints adding to the textile. Last but not the least, the color of the fabric justifies the print to the fullest, and is sure to bloom on every body. If you are thinking how to look slim in a saree like this, then the answer is its exquisitely fitted blouse. The mild hand block print compliments the saree, and the cap sleeves flaunt your arms. Thus, ensuring a thin and sassy body.



This saree has become the leading fashion ensemble for the girls and the ladies out there. Credits to the glorious design of this saree. If you are looking more for the ideas of how to wear organza saree to look slim then this Yamini Handpainted Pure Organza Saree can set an example for you. Yellow, being the colour of smile and happiness, embraces your body with its bright hue. Also, the hand-painted floral print on this saree makes it extraordinary. The best part about this saree is the sleeveless blouse with a deep V-neck. Compliment the grace, textile, and print of this saree with wearing it on a beautifully crafted plain blouse. Believe us! This will add more glamour to your glam eve.



For those who are still deep in their thoughts about how to look slim in saree blouse must keep their eyes on black. Black is the color of Goddesses that can make any person look slim. This time, the Ahalya Handblock Chanderi Saree is being the talk of the town. Ahalya is a mix of black hue, flaunted on chanderi work, and enhanced with a block printed sleeveless blouse. Everything about this saree and the blouse makes it a reason to be shopped. Stitch a sleeveless blouse and leave the pallu flowing to get that sleek and slim look.



This latest style of a saree is exactly what you need for a trendy evening ootd. This Raina Georgette Pre Draped Saree by Aachho is full of ruffles, colors, twists and frills. Inspired from the retro era, you only have to wrap it around your body and pleat it on the shoulder. This feature also adds to a slimmer body with a tight and gorgeously fitted saree. To add to the look of it, you can curate a sleeveless blouse, adorned with a waistband. It will embrace the sleekness of the silhouette.



Chiffon saree is like the Indian dreamy sarees that will never go out of fashion. You do not have to worry about being fat, you are surely to look P.H.A.T (pretty, hot and tempting). Moreover, deep lavender hue of this Deep Lavender Pure Chiffon Saree with zardozi work wraps gracefully around the female body. For those who are looking for how to wear a saree and look slim must point straight to this saree. The complimenting color and embracing fabric wraps marvelously around the body. On this, put on a sleeveless, or half sleeve blouse that compliment the coming chiffon pallu.



All your efforts to look slim in a saree will be worth it when you hunt for this saree for yourself. 

The shining texture, soft touch, and minimal work of Yogini Handwork Organza Saree enhance the overall look of this saree. The entire saree is plain, and the borders are perfect. Perfection of a beautiful embroidery that adds to the plains. Also, the pleasant peach color is high in trend these days. So, look no further if you want a graceful saree for yourself.


Bhairavi Handpainted Organza Saree is designated to be the all time favourite for all those who chose to shop from Aachho. The flawless color acts as the root to the rising grace of the saree. Following this is the gorgeous print on the saree, embracing the grey tone of the saree. And for those who are wondering how to wear a saree to look slim must know that the saree has a gorgeous off-shoulder blouse. On this, you have to pleat the pallu thin and flaunt all your curves. Prefer curls and a high pony to set this sleek look.


Jester Red Leheriya Pure Chiffon Saree is not an ordinary saree. It is an example of how to look thin in a saree. After all, the chiffon fabric of the ensemble says it all. The Rajasthani Leheriya pattern has been a glorious addition to the fabric, also ensuring that it is thin and sleek and embraces its color on your body. This chiffon saree at Aachho is hued in the hot tone of red and orange, ensuring that you look hotter.


The collection of sarees is incomplete without the addition of silk in the collection. This time, we are talking about chanderi silk reaching the pinnacle of glamour. Aachho offers this textile beauty in the lustrous golden color of Sehrish Shibori Handblock Chanderi Silk Saree. The saree embodies a leafy pattern on it, accompanied with a plain golden brown blouse. You do not have to think twice about how to look slim in saree because this saree fits every body type, holding on the shape.

All Your Answers On How To Look Slim In A Saree Answered Right At Aachho

Looking slim is the dream of every woman and Aachho’s sarees help to achieve it. The draping, fabric, print, and color of the saree emphasize on the style of saree and how slim you can appear in it. Let your saree speak that language of grace that makes your day.

Wondering where will you find it? Now you know! Aachho is your hub to grab a totally terrific range of traditionals like suits, kurtis, and sarees. And, don’t worry about how to look slim in a saree, because a saree is itself a perfection. Wear it, and flaunt it.


How can I look slim in saree style?

Wrap your saree tightly around your body to look slim and tall. With this, a flowing pallu will add to the sleekness of the saree. This ideal saree look flaunts your silhouette giving you the kind of shape you are looking for.

How can I look more attractive in saree?

Here are some of the tips to look more attractive in a saree.

  • Wear your heels before the saree to get the right length.
  • A shapewear petticoat with the saree gives it the perfect shape.
  • Pre-pleat the saree only to let the pallu flow gracefully at last.
  • Shape the saree according to the fabric.
  • Pin up the pleats before so that it takes the right shape afterwords.

How can I hide my belly fat with saree?

To hide the belly you can drape a flowing pallu. For more, pin the pallu on the bosom to hide the chest and the belly.

What kind of blouse makes you look slim?

For this, wear a well cut and well fitted blouse to take your shape. Even choose a sleeveless blouse as these give the best shape amongst other styles of blouses. Even, you can explore the rich collection of Aachho to find out more such blouse styles to explore.

Which type of saree is most attractive?

The forever graceful sarees are silk and chanderi sarees. However, these days organza and chiffon sarees are running high in trend.

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