How to Style a Sling Bag Like a Pro in 2024

How to Style a Sling Bag Like a Pro

Over the years, the sling bag has become a style staple, with virtually every high street and luxury brand, including Aachho, offering their interpretations. Whether going for a casual day out or traveling, sling bags provide an effortlessly stylish solution to carrying your essentials. They can be styled in numerous ways to pop up your outfit - be it a cute dress, relaxed jeans, or classy formal attire. Now, in this blog, let's dive into the world of sling bags!

The first question that might pop into your mind is how to style sling bag. Sling bags are usually worn over one shoulder with a strap that winds around the chest, resting the bag on the lower back. The modern crossbody sling bag, however, is worn across the body. It's a style that's both functional and trendy.

When you think about how to wear a shoulder sling backpack? Consider it part of your ensemble rather than just a necessity. One rule of styling a sling bag is coordinating it with your outfit. If you wear something casual like jeans and a T-shirt, go for a bold, colorful sling bag or a sophisticated leather one. If your outfit is formal or dressier, try a chic, muted-color sling bag or a lavishly embellished one. 

To style up and think how to wear a single strap backpack, you can wear it diagonally across your body or hang it on one shoulder, depending on your outfit and comfort. This solitary sling gives room for the minimalists who want to carry less yet look more fashionable. It adds a unique dimension to your overall style.

If you're wondering how to wear a sling crossbody bag, you have plenty of options there, too! You can wear it in front for an edgy look and easy access to your essentials. Alternatively, you could wear it at the back, embracing the classic backpack look with a fashionable twist. Now, let's delve into each style a little further:

1. Sienna Cotton Block printed Sling Bag 

This Sienna Cotton Blockprinted Sling Bag is not just an accessory; it's a bold fashion statement. Masterfully handcrafted by Aachho, it incorporates ethnic block printing with a zest of contemporary aesthetics. The bag is made of rich sienna cotton fabric and has a luxurious feel that's hard to overlook. The vibrant hues and unique patterns make the detailing a treat to behold, and the versatile sling bag design lends itself perfectly to various outfits and occasions. Style this bag with casual jeans and a crisp white shirt for an effortlessly stylish minimalist look, or combine it with a boho dress to create an eclectic aesthetic. The spacious compartments offer ample storage, ensuring functionality perfectly marries style. Wherever you take this bag, you'll step out in style!

2. Mustard Yellow Cotton Block Printed Sling Bag

Sporting a vivid Mustard Yellow color, the bold block prints lend an unmistakably ethnic touch to Aachho's Cotton Blockprinted Sling Bag. Radiating vibrancy and dynamicity, this sunny accessory adds color to your outfit. It beautifully contrasts against darker or monochromatic attires, instantly becoming the focal point that ties your outfit together. Don't let the eye-catching aesthetics fool you, though. This bag is about more than just good looks. The bag is as functional as it is fashionable. The main compartment is voluminous, allowing you to carry your essentials in style without sacrificing convenience. Whether going for a day-long outing or a coffee date, it offers all the space you need. This sling bag truly reflects the perfect blend of high fashion and functionality.

3. Woven Rattan Sling Bag

A woven rattan sling bag is a testament to the fusion of functionality and style. Offering a distinctive bohemian chic style, these bags are usually handmade, which adds a unique charm to each piece. Crafted from natural materials, they represent a return to nature, translating into a trendy, down-to-earth, casual look. They're also noteworthy for their durability. These versatile bags complement any outfit - from floral dresses to white trousers and pastel blouses, or even with a beachwear ensemble. They are also perfect for holidays or picnics, bringing a bit of freshness to your casual style. And given their escalating popularity, they are also being adopted in urban settings, proving that with accessories, your attitude determines your style!

4. Denim Sling Bag

Denim sling bags blend casual, cool, and edgy street styles. Stitched from the universal fabric of youth, these bags are a trendy accessory that can catapult your casual attire into the realm of effortlessly chic. Besides being remarkably durable, denim bags are also incredibly versatile and easy to maintain. Whether you pair a denim sling bag with matching jeans for a coordinated head-to-toe denim look or use it as a cool contrasting accessory with a bright dress, you stand on the winning side of fashion. Especially if you opt for a denim sling bag with applique work, frayed edges, or embroidery, you can rest assured that your fashion credentials will not go unnoticed!

5. Printed Fabric Sling Bag

The printed fabric sling bag is a canvas of creativity. The range is expansive, and many prints are available - from quirky patterns to indigenous prints or classic polka dots to traditional paisley prints. A well-chosen printed fabric sling bag could easily become the statement piece of your outfit, adding an explosion of colors and breaking the monotony. These bags are perfect when your outfit is simple or mono-color, allowing the bag to be the highlight. They are also an appropriate accessory for traditional outfits, where the prints on the bag and the attire could be matched or complemented. The versatility of this bag extends to its occasions of suitability - jazzing up a casual outing or completing a festive outfit with an additional splash of color!

6. Quilted Sling Bag

The quilted sling bag emanates a sophisticated vibe. The texture of the quilted pattern enhances these bags' visual appeal. These bags could come in various forms, sizes, colors, and materials. However, the evergreen color combination that never goes out of style is the white or black quilted sling bag. A black quilted bag could seamlessly merge with an elegant evening gown or a semi-formal suit, completing your refined look. Despite being smaller, these bags usually offer much space to fit your essentials. Style, convenience, and elegance - you get it all!

7. Faux Leather Sling Bag

Faux leather sling bags are a fashion investment. They offer the same polished and stylish look as their authentic counterparts without the hefty price tag or ethical issues. With their sleek look and soft touch, these bags can fit into any fashion genre - from a sophisticated formal meeting to a casual day out or a trendy evening party. Due to their classic appeal, these bags can be paired with a variety of outfits without ever making you feel out of place. Your style quotient quickly multiplies if you choose a faux leather sling bag with additional details like studded work or metal embellishments. They are also easy to maintain and highly durable, proving that you do not need to compromise your style or ethical stand for fashion!

With their diverse designs and universal appeal, Sling bags have undoubtedly become a staple in the fashion world. From the traditional motifs of Aachho's Sienna Cotton Blockprinted Sling Bag to the vibrant hues of the Mustard Yellow Cotton Blockprinted Sling Bag, sling bags can cater to a wide range of styles and clothing. Whether it is the bohemian flair of a woven rattan bag, the casual cool of the denim sling bag, the vibrant creativity of a printed fabric version, the classy sophistication of a quilted sling bag, or the versatile elegance of a faux leather sling bag - there's genuinely a sling bag for every outfit, occasion, and personality. 

Mastering how to style and wear these bags can elevate your fashion stature to enviable heights. So, swing into the world of sling bags and embrace the exciting fusion of style and functionality!


How to style a sling bag? 

Styling a sling bag depends on your outfit and the occasion. Pair bold, colorful bags with casual outfits and chic, muted-color bags with formal attire. 

How to wear a crossbody sling bag?

Crossbody sling bags can be worn across the body, either in the front for an edgy look or at the back for a classic backpack look.

What are some popular sling bag designs?

Popular sling bag designs include printed fabric bags, woven rattan bags, denim bags, quilted bags, faux leather bags, and blockprinted bags like Aachho. 

How do I wear a shoulder sling backpack? 

You can wear a shoulder sling backpack over one shoulder, with the strap winding around your chest and the bag resting on your lower back.

Can I use a sling bag for a formal event?

Yes, you can! Choose a classy, sophisticated design, such as a black or white quilted bag or a faux leather sling bag.

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