Different Types Of Bangles For All Your Special Ocassion in 2024

Women are obsessed with bangles? Why not? The stellar designs of bangles and the way it embrace your arms says it all. Credits to the super-shining, leisurely and stunning designs of bangles glorifying your wrist and enhancing your attire. There are so many different types of bangles that you would love to show off one for each look. Want to know what is in the talk today?

Then head straight to Aachho, your leading destination for women’s ethnic clothes and jewelry. After all, there are so many ravishing types of bangles with names so that you know something new each day. So, if you want to hear that khan-khan and flaunt your arms, then Aachho is all for you. Here are all the stellar designs in the range that you got to stock up. You never know, one might become your favorite for you, for countless years coming ahead. 

The New And Different Kinds Of Bangles You Must Wear For The Coming Festive Season 

Here are all the new and trending types of bangles with names you got to have a look at. You will surely end up ordering the best for you. 



Apart from the ordinary round bangles, there are numerous bangles meant to surround the different types of thread bangles. One of the examples of such a bangle is Gulabi Handcrafted Brass Bangles from Aachho. This stellar bangle embraces the colors and beaute of roses. Although the base of this brass bangle is golden, but the other gorgeous colors on it of pink, green and white, come out brightly. Secondly, it is the unique design of the bangles making itself a must-have for those who are looking for some exclusive traditional jewelry. Moreover, the patterns are inside-out, making itself a full-fledged designer jewelry. 



Do you fantasize the vast treasure of Indian jewels filled with gold, kundan, meenakari jewels, etc.? Then you must also look at the collection of such different types of gold bangles images that are truly unlike the ordinary. One of the finest examples of this bangle design is Treasure Jest Handcrafted Bangles from Aachho. This bangle is a wholesome jewelry with the brightening hues of green, yellow and red. The colors on this bangle and the embossed round pattern on it makes itself one of the most gorgeous jewelry to pair with the vibrant Indian outfit. Whether it’s the wedding or another life’s major event, this pair of bangles is worth it. 



People in India have given us major goals for the tribal fashion. Be it with the tattoos on body or types of bangles with names inspired by the tribal people, you will find people exploring it more. This time, we are talking about Tribal Style Handcrafted Bangles from Aachho. This bangle design is truly ahead of the ordinary designs. Since bangles depict the lights and life of the wedding shenanigans in India, the bangle design takes inspiration from the same. Therefore, the tribal bangle here is inspired with the tribal figurines colored in meenakari hues of red, green, and white. The pair is surely one of a kind. 



Women wish to try all types of bangles, but this time the talk is all about the brass bangles. After all, brass bangles open doors to countless gorgeous and new designs. Coming to new designs, one of the recents in different types of bangles is Peafowl Handcrafted Brass Bangles from Aachho. This bangle design is full of colors and embodies the beautiful bird-god peacock. Since peacocks are known for its exquisite flaunting tendency of blue and green, this bangle design sticks to it to the fullest. Wear it with anything and you will be thrilled with compliments. 


Like every other outstanding designs of different kinds of bangles on Aachho, there is one more that embraces the true Indian colors. Here, we are talking about the bangles called Rubescent Handcrafted Brass Bangles from Aachho. This is one of the exemplary bangles for the married Indian women who wish to array their new beginnings in the color red. For this, the bangle is designed in the hues of red and golden, making itself bright, colorful, and a designer piece. It is a designer piece for how it is filled with embellishments of small beads and ample colors. This is how the bangle makes itself another best match for the newly wed. 

What Are The Different Kinds Of Bangles?

Here are some of the popular and different kinds of bangles that you will find easily online.

Open Bangles & Wrist Cuffs

This bangle design holds a gap in the middle of the circumference. This gap helps to slip in the bangle directly into the hand. One can stretch the bangle to fit on the wrist and then tighten in again. 

Hinged Bangles

Another popular design of bangle being the talk of the town is the heavily jeweled hinged bangle designs. You will find ample gorgeous designs of these bangles at Aachho. From the flexible buckles to the embossed designs, these bangles are worth it.

Closed Bangles

You need to be very specific when choosing this design of bangle, because you do not have the option to lock it or unlock it. You have to slip in the bangle directly into your hand. It is one of the most reliable bangle type as there are no chances of accidental locking or unlocking. 

How To Measure The Size Of Bangles?

Looking at different types of bangles may make you feel to have more of it. But women’s hearts break when their long-loved obsession does not fit the size of the wrist. This is why, here are some of the tips to get the right size of bangles for yourself. 

Here are three ways in which you can measure your bangle size to order online. 

  1. Measure the circumference of the bangle to know the size.
  2. Measure your wrist around which the cuff can wrap easily. As some of the hinge bangles are in cuff styles allowing to fit comfortably.
  3. Find the diameter and convert it into the unit for measurement of the bangle online.

Bangles make the jewelry of any woman complete. Be it the different types of thread bangles or be it the hinged bangles with wholesome designs on it, the options do not have any end. Yet another concern is where to find it.

The answer is right here~ Aachho. Aachho is the one-stop shop for all the glamorous female ensembles. From the quirky hoop earrings to the enchanting bangles, from tops to lehengas, Aachho is the place where you have to be for shopping the female famous collection. Head online to spot all of it. 


How Many Types Of Bangles Are There?

There are numerous designs of bangles like thread bangles, meenakari bangles, different types of bangles in gold, etc. Apart from the designs, the types of bangles include hinge bangles, open bangles and cuffs, closed bangles, etc.

What Type Of Bangles Are In Fashion? 

Nowadays, brass bangles are becoming high in fashion because it is open to all types of designs and styles. On this, you can find good work, meenakari design, oxisidised work, etc. giving ample designer options. 

How To Measure The Size Of The Bangles?

To measure the size of the bangle for online shopping, you can measure the diameter of any existing old bangle. This will give an idea of the size that suits. 

What Is The Biggest Bangle Size?

The size of the bangles begin from 2.2: inner diameter 5.4 cms. and reaches to as much as 2.10: inner diameter 6.6 cms.

Does Kada Go In Left Or Right Hand?

Mostly, women choose to wear kada in right hand to flaunt with the pallu. However, women also wear in both the hands for a rather symmetrical look.

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