10 Extraordinary Women's Shoulder Bag Designs and Their Styling Secrets

In today's world, shoulder bags have paved the way for a revolution in women's fashion. Not only are they functional, but they also stand as a symbol of style and elegance. Here, we present you with the ten best shoulder bags for women from Aachho. With superior design and impeccable quality, these bags are sure to turn some heads around. So, ladies, let's delve into best women's travel shoulder bag and others without further ado.


The Black Onyx Handblock Baguette Bag is elegance redefined. This meticulously crafted bag from Aachho stands apart with its clean lines, dope black color and traditional hand-block prints. With a distinct fusion of modern style and traditional prints, this bag fits any occasion, making it the best women's shoulder bags

How to style it: Wearing this shoulder bag with a tailored suit or a sleek black dress could create a mesmerizing monochrome look. Alternatively, pairing the bag with a vibrant-coloured outfit can create a stunning contrast, elevating your style quotient. 


The Jungle Fury Handblock Baguette Bag is a standout accessory, greatly inspired by tropical forests' wild beauty and enigmatic colors. Dressed in captivating prints, it struts a vibrant spectrum of colors that can add a lively edge to any outfit, making it among the best ladies shoulder bags. Its design bears an expressive testament to nature's vibrancy, echoing the wilderness to your style.

How to style it: Team this Jungle Fury baguette bag with a simple jeans and white t-shirt combination or a classic denim jumpsuit. The statement print on a neutral base creates a perfect balance, providing an effortlessly chic look.


One of the standout pieces in this collection of shoulder bags for women is the Pale Primrose Handblock Baguette Bag. This bag truly embodies its name with beautiful handblock prints in soft blush pink and pristine white, lending it an exquisite visual appearance. The design astutely mirrors the elegance of a primrose. These pleasingly gentle shades have been chosen not by coincidence but to characterize the epitome of femininity and sophistication. 

How to style it: Pair this blissful bag with a classic white shirt and denim skirt. The bag will provide a pop of color, rendering a sophisticated, chic look that can make a mark on any occasion.


The Reva Honey Handblock Baguette Bag, with its striking honey hue and traditional intricate prints, shines as an unparalleled choice among travel shoulder bags. This bag's unique color and design perfectly blend rich cultural heritage and contemporary style. The honey hue executes a vibrant charm, while the handcrafted, intricate prints affirm its rootedness in tradition.

How to style it: Pair this baguette bag with a light-coloured suit or a saree for a traditional feel. Or, for a modern twist, team it up with a beige trench coat and knee-high boots, ensuring you a spot under the fashion spotlight.


The Sunlit Petals Baguette Bag is an amalgamation of comfort and style. Designed by the acclaimed brand, this bag is a breath of fresh air with vivid floral prints on a light base. The radiant colors and the comfortable strap make this bag versatile and suitable for day wear. The perfect blend of chic styling and practical design, making it a popular choice among the crowd.

How to style it: Pair this vibrant bag with a simplistic white sundress. The bold, warm colors of the bag against the minimal white will create a striking contrast, making you the center of attention at any daytime event. Add a pair of cute sandals and a sunhat, and you have a perfect summer ensemble.


The Lilac Bliss Baguette Bag is a love letter to romantic charm and nostalgia. Crafted with love and precision, this bag's soft lilac tone with traditional handblock prints encapsulates a vintage allure. Transcending trends, this bag defines timeless elegance. Its aesthetic appeal makes it a quintessential fashion accessory, comparable with the most trendy shoulder bags for women.

How to style it: Try complementing this bag with a pretty summer sundress. Coordinate the dress with a shade lighter or darker than the bag to achieve a harmonious blend of colors. Complete your look with strappy sandals, and you're ready for a romantic date or a day out with friends. This charming bag is sure to make heads turn wherever you go.


The Veronica Cotton Block Printed Satchel Bag is perfectly blends cultural heritage and contemporary design. Its intriguing block prints and deep, earthy tones lend a touch of rustic adventure to your everyday life. The spacious interiors of this satchel bag ensure that you have ample room for your essentials while maintaining style. 

How to style it: Go all out with a boho look to complement this bag. Pair it with an oversized, loose knit sweater, ripped jeans and ankle boots for a stylish, free-spirited look. A chunky necklace could add a finishing touch to your ensemble, making you stand out.


The Imperial Blue Cotton Block Printed Satchel Bag is a must-buy for those who believe in the magic of royalty. The vibrant shade of blue combined with a traditional block print brings out an imperial elegance that makes it one of the best shoulder bags for ladies.

How to style it: This bag fits seamlessly into a casual chic look. Team it with a white summer dress and beige wedges to complement the royal blue hue, making you look chic and stylish.


The Sienna Cotton Blockprinted Sling Bag epitomizes minimalist style and functionality. This sling bag perfectly balances traditional design and modern appeal with its charming terracotta shades and handcrafted block prints. 

How to style it: Pair this bag with a monochrome black outfit to pop the sienna color. Add a pair of chunky hoops and sneakers to create an effortlessly cool look.


Mustard Yellow Cotton Blockprinted Sling Bag blends sunny vibrancy and traditional elegance. The striking mustard yellow color combined with handcrafted block prints creates a fashion statement, making it a trendy shoulder bag for women.

How to style it: Pair this bag with a denim dress for a summer-ready look. The mustard yellow hue nicely offsets the blue denim, while matching mustard-yellow flats will tie the whole look together.

In conclusion, Aachho's collection is a testament to style, innovation, and unmatched quality. The vibrant yellow sunshine cotton block printed medium shoulder bag, the stylish Honeycrisp cotton block printed medium shoulder bag, and the romantic flower fairy cotton block printed baguette bag and other bags highlight the brand's commitment to crafting statement accessories. Each unique bag, adorned with charming block prints and vibrant colors, caters to a variety of tastes and occasions. Readily available, the brand stands tall in its provision of exceptional, fashionable, and functional shoulder bags for women. 


What kind of designs can I expect from the shoulder bags in this collection?

The shoulder bags in this collection blend contemporary and traditional designs. They feature vibrant colors and block prints and are available in various styles, including baguette, satchel, and sling.

How can I style various shoulder bags to complement my fashion?

There are plenty of ways to style these shoulder bags. You can pair them with a tailored suit, a sleek black dress, or even a vibrant-coloured outfit for contrast. Alternatively, they can be teamed with a simple jeans and white t-shirt combination or a classic denim jumpsuit.

Are the shoulder bags suitable for all occasions?

Yes, these shoulder bags are very versatile and ideal for all occasions. Whether attending a formal event, going out for a casual day, or even traveling, you can carry these bags to add elegance and style to your look.

What makes the shoulder bags unique in comparison to other brands?

What sets these shoulder bags apart is their impeccable design and superior quality. They are functional and stand as a symbol of style and elegance. Each bag portrays a fusion of modern style and traditional block prints, which is quite distinctive and adds an element of uniqueness. 

Can I find the shoulder bag collection online?

Yes, the shoulder bag collection is readily available online. This makes shopping convenient and allows you to browse the extensive collection at your own pace.

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