Different Types Of Earrings With Name you Must Know in 2024

Being a woman, the fondness for earrings can never be faded. Like magnets attract iron, earrings attract women. Why not! They are open to a plethora of gorgeous ensembles to adorn on formal occasions, casual occasions, or for an everyday favorite. There are different types of ear rings to satisfy women with their best every day. Are you also one such woman looking for more earrings because you are bored with your drab collection? Then you got to visit the house of Aachho.

Aachho, the house of ladies is full of gorgeous options of various types of earrings. From jhumkas to different types of ear studs to what not, Aachho has got it all. Just head online and scroll through a ravishing range of designer options to match your ootd. 

All About The Different Types Of Earrings For Different Moods

If you are fond of earrings, then here are all types of earrings you have to add straight to your collection.



India is a nation full of colors. From the gorgeous vibrant colors of holi and durga pujo to the eye-arresting colors in jewelry and clothing, we are always open to more shades. This time, the colors are becoming prominent in jewelry too. Gone are the days of owning the basic silvers and goldens, as today the options are more and versatile with such different earrings. One such colorful example is of Green Lotus Handcrafted Brass Earrings by Aachho. This vibrant handcrafted brass earring is made up of fine lotuses in dark green, embellished with beads and pearls. Such earrings are a treat to adorn with the typically Indian outfits.



Amongst all types of earrings, brass earrings have become the newest favorite of the ladies out there. One of the keen example is Pot Of Gold Handcrafted Brass Earrings from Aachho. This earring is a mix of gold colored earring, embellished with fine mirror and bead work. These long, and heavy dangler earrings shake beautifully when worn with a lehenga or saree. Moreover, the newest style is about flaunting this pair of earring- only earring without a necklace. Tighten the bun and flaunt these earrings with a gorgeous black bindi. Pastel traditional and these earrings are making a great match these days.



Women have this superpower to mix and match their outfit with the jewelry. Surprisingly, everything looks gorgeous with their superior dressing sense and confidence. This is why, women today are shopping for various types of earrings in different colors like Canal Blue Handcrafted Earrings from Aachho. The best part about these earrings are how it is no more limited to only blue attire for wearing this pair of earrings. The fine composition of so many colors in these earrings make it a stellar piece to wear with most of the colorful outfits like black, red, blue, yellow, and more. The versatility of these blue earrings is endless.



Are you someone fond of studs? Are you too tired of long earrings but still exploring different types of ear studs that can be designer and still comfortable. Then Aachho can fulfill this wish of yours. For this, the perfect example of earrings is Grey Rose Handcrafted Brass Earrings. This pair of earrings has a gorgeous pattern on it with enhanced black embellishments and the fine craftsmanship of the floral pattern. This pair of earrings is a must-buy if you are looking for both traditional and modern outfits. This earring is something for all.



Jhumkas are the forever favorites of the female. Be it the silver metal jhumkas, or brass jhumkis, these have certainly becomes everyone’s favorite. However, among all earring types today, jhumkis are ruling the fashion world. Jhumkis have given loop to more colors and more ideas for women to make some gorgeous contrasts. One of the earrings being an example is Blazing Gold Handcrafted Earrings by Aachho. This pair of earrings is full of yellow accessories, flaunting the color as beautifully as it could. If you are about to visit a haldi function, you got to don this jewelry.



With the charm of stones and adornment of gorgeous accessories through all its sides, Baltic Blue Handcrafted Brass Earrings by Aachho becomes one of the most-loved ones among different types of ear studs. This ear stud design is full of bright hues, making itself a tender accessory with the soothing hues of traditional pastel outfits. Since pastel colored outfits are running high in trend, this pastel colored earring design is also making its mark. The best part about it is how the earrings can be appealing without lending much weight to the tiny earlobe.


Women have different types of earrings in gold but they know they have to spend a lot to invest in one. On the other hand, there is this perk of gold plated brass earrings, that reflect the gorgeous hue of gold, along with being super high in fashion. One of the newest examples of such a pair of earrings is Gold Palace Handcrafted Brass Earrings from Aachho. This earring is nothing but the epitome of grace. These are peach colored earrings with a golden base, and forever favorite white beads. This minimalist design is worth pairing with traditional outfits as well as those prom nights.


The hotness of the red color can never be underestimated. Be it with sensuous red attire or classic red earrings, reds can never be faded in fashion. Tango Red Handcrafted Earrings from Aachho is among such gorgeous red accessories waiting to be paired with traditional outfits. Because why not, there are various types of earrings in red hues, but this one is purposed to be flexed with the traditional outfits. The color is a mix of red, golden, and white, making itself iconic to be worn with most of the traditional wears, especially red and black.


Looking for something young, wild, and fierce like you are? Then you got to have a look at a pair of earrings like Trinket Green Handcrafted Brass Earrings from Aachho. This is one of the most different types of earrings, and it can be purely reflected with its design. The accessory flaunts emerald green color, accompanied with brown color, and paired in contrast with the brass furnishing. Moreover, it is the design of this dangler earring making itself a unique accessory to flaunt specifically with gowns and dresses.



Call it a hoop or call it a dangler, there are different types of earrings designs that can go fairly with everything. Consider the example of Samon Sun Handcrafted Earrings from Aachho itself. This outstanding earring design is a jhumka and a dangler- all in one. Such earrings are worth flaunting on traditional outfits and even kurti tops, where the color and the design of earrings enhance the overall looks of the attire to the core. 

Now you know what is your kind? Then wait no more and unleash a huge range of studs, danglers, jhumkis, hoops, and more.

Here is a range full of designer pieces to make your mood happier and happiest. Aachho brings you earrings for not today but every day, not one occasion but countless occasions. Explore these different types of earrings online and know your kind. Your deliverable will be at your home in no time.


What Are The Different Earring Types?

There are numerous types of earrings to explore. Popular among those being studs, danglers, hoops, jhumkis, chandbalis, etc. This range of earrings is here to serve the regular days, occasions, parties, traditional days, etc. Hop online to explore a gorgeous range online.

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Earrings?

The most popular types of earrings these days are chandbalis for traditional wear and hoops for modern and traditional outfits. There are numerous designer ranges to choose from.

What Is The Difference Between Earring And Stud?

The difference between earrings and studs is the length and design of the earrings. Earrings are generally long with options of dangler earrings, hoop earrings, long earrings, etc. On the other hand, studs are very small earrings sticking firmly with the ear lobe.

How Do You Categorize Earrings?

Different types of earrings are categorized on the basis of their design, type, length, etc. For instance, studs are very small-sized earrings, danglers are long earrings, hoops are round earrings, and jhumkis and chandbalis are authentic traditional earrings. Women have a plethora of designer options to choose from.

What Are Simple Earrings Called?

Simple earrings are either studs or hoop earrings. Studs are minimalist earrings of a very small length and stick firmly to the ear lobe. On the other hand, hoops can be plain and round, being minimalist and gorgeous.

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