Perfect Guide to Choose Jewellery for Business Casual Women Outfit

If you are also going for any business casual event then picking the correct jwellery piece is a herculean task. Jewellery this is not a mere thing to add while dressing but it changes the whole look. The jewellery used for casual wear for women should only be simple and more statement oriented.

Jewellery is something that adds extra charisma, and appeal to the overall look if it is picked correctly. However, the only problem that arises here is that a lot of people dont know that a single piece of jewellery can make or break the complete look. If you are someone who is going to pick casual wear for ladies then you should keep certain points in mind. We have discusses some of the prominent key points that is going to help in picking jewellery that matches with all outfits.

Aachho’s Pick for Casual Jewellery

Aachho is one of the premium brands for jwellery these days citing the statement pieces that they launch. The jwellery pieces thus launched can be paired with any casual outfits for women. We have mentioned the design for some of the jwellery pieces that one can use to complete any casual look for women in the section below. 

Statement Earrings

  • Yellow handcrafted brass earrings 
  • Grey rose handcrafted studs
  • Peach pearl danglers
  • Emerald and pearl danglers 

Statement Rings

Statement rings are the next pick that one should consider when pairing casual outfits for women. These are available on the official website of Aachho and add a chic quotient to the overall attire of the wearer. One can get simple statement rings from the official website of Aachho. 

Statement Necklace

The third category of jwellery piece that can be paired with casual wear for ladies is the statement necklace. You can always pair the statement necklace with a pair of casual suits or simple shirts and jeans to accentuate the overall look. With our wide range of statement necklaces, one can easily choose the right jwellery.

Perfect Guide to Choose Jewellery for Casual Wear for Women

Jewellery is usually that piece of dressing that accentuates the overall look of the wearer. One who wishes to team up their casual outfits for women can use some of the exclusive pieces launched by Aachho. Apart from this, one should also be well aware of the perfect guide that helps in pairing their casual outfits for women easily. Check out some of the basic tips to do that in the section below. 


Occasion plays a very prominent role when it comes to opting for casual wear for women. Try to keep the occasion in mind, if the occasion is informal then always go for simple and statement jwellery. Whereas in case the occasion is a bit ethnic then heavily embellished or gold jwellery can be used. 

Less is More

Less jwellery is often considered to be more when it comes to jwellery for business casual women. When going for any formal event the jwellery should be kept minimum such that it is not found to be more. Whereas, if the dress is modern then a statement piece is going to be helpful in accentuating the whole look. 

Contrast is Fun

Dressing contrast is one of the things that is useful while wearing casual wear for women. Try to use gold jwellery and embellishment pieces with light-toned clothes like a simple cotton saree or simple lehenga sets. Whereas, for someone who is willing to wear a heavily embellished kurta set or saree a simple choker or earrings will add the extra oomph to the overall look.


The neckline should also be kept in mind while choosing the jwellery for the casual outfit of women. For outfits whose neckline is v-shaped one should always go for a pendant set. A square neck dress should be paired with a thin chain and embellished pendant. If you are willing to adorn a cowl or turtle neck then you can go for a layered necklace. 

Skin Tone

Skin tone is one of the important factors that has to be kept in mind while pairing casual outfits for women. For those who have cool-toned skin tones should always go for silver jwellery. Whereas, women who have warm tone skin should always try to use gold jwellery more as it compliments their skin tone aptly. 


Q1: How many kinds of jwellery designs are launched by Aachho?

A1: At present, team Aachho has launched four types of jwellery designs i.e. bangles, anklets, necklace sets, and earrings.

Q2: Which brand is best for jwellery sets for women?

A2: Aachho is the best brand for jumpsuits online for women.

Q3: What should you pair with a causal outfit for women?

A3: One should always pair your casual outfit for women with simple and statement pieces.

Q4: What is the best way to take pair your casual outfit?

A4: The best way to pair the casual outfit is by adding statement pieces like silver necklaces, oxidised rings, and bangles. 

Q5: What happens if I sleep with jwellery earrings on?

A5: Sleeping with jwellery on can either harm you or can also damage your body. Pieces like big earrings can damage the ears or can also lead to cuts.

Q6: What is the perfect tip to pair the correct jwellery piece with a v-shaped or square neck dress?

A6: For outfits whose neckline is v-shaped one should always go for a pendant set. A square neck dress should be paired with a thin chain and embellished pendant.

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