15 Different Types of Pants Design for Women

Step into a world of endless style possibilities as we show you the ultimate 15 different types of pants for women. From classic staples that every wardrobe craves to trendy, statement-making pieces that will elevate your fashion game, this blog is your key to unlocking the perfect pair for any occasion. Whether you're a fan of timeless black pants, or eager to embrace the latest fashion trends with lilac pants, we've got you covered. Discover your unique sense of style by entering into a world of diverse fashion as we explore stylish pant designs for girl. Say goodbye to outfit dilemmas and hello to a closet full of stylish options. Get ready to strut your stuff with confidence and flair as we embark on a fashion journey like no other. Let's get started!

1. Simple Dark Green Pants

Simple Dark Green Pants

The simple dark green pant design for girls fit as a perfect bottom to pair up with kurtas of vibrant colours. White, dark green, pink or even black kurtas can be paired up with these simple straight pants. The fit of the pants ensures that the overall look is elevated by this dark-coloured bottom.

2. Vibrant Red Pants

Vibrant Red Pant

The vibrant red pant design for girls is one of the most preferred bottom type. Pairing up these vibrant pants with light-coloured kurtas like white, sky blue, light green can really add a touch of sophistication to the overall look. Whereas pairing the red pant with contrasting colours can give a very dramatic touch to the wearer’s look.

3. Yellow Organza Pants

Yellow Organza Pant

The Yellow Organza pant design for girls is a sophisticated choice to match up with any coloured kurta. These pants is so beautiful with because of their colour that it can be easily coordinated and wore with light and dark kurtas for an overall look that exudes confidence and richness. 

4. Cotton printed floral Pants

Cotton printed floral Pant

The cotton printed floral pant design for girls is an excellent bottom to match up with floral printed kurtas or plain kurtas. Any coloured floral kurtas that goes up with the printed design of flowers in the bottom can look perfectly paired attire. This pant design can also be paired with plain kurtas for a subtle look. 

5. Regular Black Pants

Regular Black Pant

The regular black pant design for girls is an all time prferred alternative for a kurta. The black pants can be coordinated with light coloured kurtas like white, pink, green, blue and etc. Adding a dark coloured kurta that goes contrasting to the black pant can give a dramatic overall appearance to the wearer.

6. Elegant Purple Pants

Elegant Purple Pant

The design for girls is trending as this colour add a hint of fashion to the overall ensemble. The purple pants usually go with the lighter shade or the same shade of kurtas. This dark coloured pants add a touch of sophistication to the overall look of the wearer with a hint of femininity as well. 

7. White Laced Pants

White Laced Pant

The white laced pant design for girls are very much in fashion these days. These white pants can be absolutely paired under any colour of kurta be it solid or printed as white is always an evergreen and fulfilling colour. This lace patterned pant can be wore in the casual functions as well as parties as well. 

8. Netted Lilac Pants

Netted Lilac Pant

The netted lilac pant design for girls is an elegant option as bottoms under kurtas. The lilac colour has been in fashion trends these days as it lends a very beautiful and delicate touch to the overall appearance of the wearer. This netted pant can be worn along with lighter anddarker shades of kurtas for a casual or a formal function. 

9. Casual Beige Pants

Casual Beige Pant

The casual beige pant design for girls makes a very casual yet stunning choice as a bottom for kurtas. Beige is a very neutral colour so it can be easily paired up with darker and lighter coloured kurtas. The beige pants lend a touch of subtleness with sophistication to the overall look of the wearer. 

10. Printed Indigo Pants Printed Indigo Pant

The white printed indigo pant design for girls fits perfectly for the same shade coloured kurta or a light coloured kurta. This pant can specifically be paired with either plain white kurta or a same print as it elevates the overall attire with this two colours really elegantly. This pant can be worn for both casual as well as formal gatherings.

11. Green buttoned Pants

Green buttoned Pants

The green buttoned pant design for girls are an amazon choice of bottoms for the kurtas. The buttons added to the little slit of the pants make sure that you stay fashionable with the kurta that you pair up with this bottom. Either same tone of green or the lighter shades of kurta can be paired up well with this pair of fashionable pants. 

12. Satin Peach Pants

Satin Peach Pant

The satin peach pant design for girls make sure that they exude the richness like a royal. This light coloured pant can be absolutely paired up well with the darker and lighter shades of kurtas. The peach pant with a floral kurta can make girls create a statement style that will make them stand out in the crowd. 

13. Maroon Fitted Pants

Maroon Fitted Pant

The maroon fitted pant design for girls is an absolutely ultimate choice to pick for a fashion statement. This pair of maroon pant can be worn with lighter shades of kurta or the same shaded kurta. Be it plain or floral kurtas, this pant can make sure you rock the look at casuals and formal events perfectly. 

14. White Embroidered Pant 

White Embroidered Pant

The white embroidered pant design for girls is a subtle choice to pair with absolutely any colour of kurta. This designer pant is so versatile that it can be it can be worn casually as well as formally. This pant makes sure thatit lends a touch of sophistication and confidence to the wearer’s overall look. 

15. Subtle Grey Pants

Subtle Grey Pant

The subtle grey pant design for girls fits perfectly to pair up with the lighter and darker shades of kurtas. This pant, when paired with lighter shades like grey, white or blue kurtas can give a very delicate touch to the wearer whereres when paired with darker shades of kurtas like dark blue, black or even the same shade of grey, this pant can lend a sophisticated look. 


In conclusion, choosing the right pair of pant design for girls is an essential piece in the colourful tapestry of fashion. From classic embroidered pants to trendy designs, the power of pants lies in their ability to empower, express, and enchant. A well-curated collection of bottoms is not just about style; it's about confidence. So why choose them from Aachho? Because Aachho understands the language of femininity and versatility, crafting pants that speak to every girl's unique spirit. With an array of designs that dance between comfort and chic, Aachho celebrates individuality. 


1. Which is the most wore type of pant?

The most worre type of pant design for girls is straight fitted pants. These pants are versatalie and can be worn under different styles of kurtas. 

2. How do I choose the best pant?

To choose the best pant, go for a size that fits your body shape perfectly and doesn’t look out of the box. You can also select a pant keeping the upper top’s style and colour in mind.

3. Which pants are trending now?

Printed and striped pant design fir girls are the most trending types of pant these days. These pants can be worn for a casual as well as formal events as well. 

4. Which pant is comfortable for ladies?

Pants crafted out of fabrics like cotton and rayon are the most comfortable pants for women as they can be worn for longer hours without any sense of discomfort. 

5. Which Colour pant suits all?

The neutral colour pants like grey, white and black are the most preferred pants by women as they can go under any colour of kurtas well.

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