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      Silk Kurta Set - A Royal Affair!

      A silk kurta set is one of the most preferred garments for the festive and wedding season. The reason for this is the luster and shine that the silk fabric possesses. Apart from a regal look this fabric also adds to the comfort and makes it a must-purchase for any weather. 

      Silk kurta sets for women can be brought from any offline or online stores. However, the only thing that has to be kept in mind is that the fabric bought should be authentic in nature. Therefore, one should always keep expert tips in mind before investing in raw silk kurta. This blog talks about the different types of silk kurtas with dupattas along with tips to take care of the fabric in the best way. 

      Different Types of Silk Kurta for Women

      A Silk Kurta is something that adds charm to your overall style during the festive season. The reason for this is the sheer elegance and royal look that this piece of garment offers. For this reason, we have listed different types of silk kurta sets for women that one can use during this festive season. 

      Kaftan Set 

      Yellow silk kurta set in the kaftan pattern is one of the trendiest outfits these days. Citing to the level of comfort that this style offers to one is the reason that love for kaftan is increasing with each day. This dress is crafted on pure art silk fabric and is handcrafted. 

      Kurta Set 

      Co-ord sets have been in the trend for quite some time. Aachho has added an ethnic touch to the complete set and launched silk kurta sets online. This set is adorned with a tie and dye pattern giving it an indo-western look.

      Sharara Set 

      Silk sharara sets are available in different patterns and designs on the website of Aachho. These kurta sets are available in tie and dye and hand block patterns. One can easily opt for breezy kurta sets in different colors like yellow, pink, blue sea green, etc. These silk kurta sets come with a top along with a sharara pants and a dupatta. 

      Suit Set

      Silk kurta sets are one of the offerings of the brand Aachho. These suit sets have a kurta often A-line or Anarkali shape along with a palazzo or pant adorned with a dupatta. These silk kurta sets are available in tie and dye patterns. 

      Shopping Guide to Buy Authentic Pure Silk Kurta

      Silk is one of the most regal clothing fabrics after cotton and linen. This is one of the reasons it was always used by royalties. However, citing the advent of the imitation industry suppliers often make fake silk. 

      A lot of sellers often sell artificial and faux silk and sell them at high prices thus duping customers. Hence, we have come up with some basic shopping guides that can be considered while buying silk kurtas for women:

      • A pure silk garment is always going to feel soft and supple. Whereas, the artificial silk is going to feel a bit on the rough side. The original silk kurta set is also more fluffy as compared to faux and dupe. 
      • A pure silk kurta for women will have great luster and shine but in a subtle way. The reason for this shine is the capacity of the fabric to reflect light. Whereas, a dupe is not going to possess any kind of shine.
      • A fake silk kurta will catch fire instantly and burn with black smoke. Whereas, if the fabric is original then it will not catch fire easily. Even if it catches fire then it will burn without smoke and can be crushed into fine ash. 
      • A pure silk kurta set is not going to have crease for a long period of time. 
      • An original black silk kurta set is always going to be pricey and costly as compared to its fake counterpart.

      How to Take Care of Your Raw Silk Kurta?

      Silk is often termed a luxury fabric citing its luster and regal shine. Also, this fabric is considered to be one of the delicate fabrics that are available for making ethnic wear. However, it is advisable to take care of the black silk kurta for women to maintain its texture and color. 

      Irrespective of the delicacy of the fabric, it does not demand high maintenance. One can always follow the tips and tricks mentioned below to take care of the silk kurta set:

      • Always use wooden hangers to store and keep the kurta set. Try to avoid metal hangers as they can leave a mark on the garment.
      • Always add naphthalene balls in the bag or wardrobe that you have used to store the silk kurta set. It not only helps in keeping moths away but also helps in maintaining the color of same for a longer period of time. 
      • Wrap your kurtas of silk in a muslin cloth to maintain its fabric quality and texture. 
      • Try to fold your art silk kurta set once every three months. This helps in preventing the tearing of the garment from the area it is folded. 
      • Don't wash the kurta set more frequently. If the garment is worn for a smaller period of time then mere air dry is going to refresh this. 


      Q1: How many kinds of silk kurta sets are available online?

      A1: At present, there are four types of suits available online i.e. kaftan set, kurta set, sharara set, and suit in different patterns.

      Q2: Which brand is best for silk kurta pant sets for women?

      A2: Aachho is the best brand for women to buy Silk kurta sets with palazzo online.

      Q3: What is the usual price of a silk kurta set with sharara for women in India?

      A3: At present, you can get a silk kurta set with sharara for women at a price as low as 2500 and the upper price limit of the bags goes to INR 5000 or more.

      Q4: What things should be kept in mind to take care of the silk kurta set?

      A4: Always use wooden hangers to store and keep the kurta set. Try to avoid metal hangers as they can leave a mark on the garment to take care of the silk kurta.

      Q5: What points should be considered while buying embroidered kurta sets for ladies?

      A5: It is advisable to keep the occasion, weather, and pattern in mind while buying black silk kurta sets for ladies. 

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