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      Kaftan Kurta - A Comfortable Fashion Choice!

      Kaftan Kurta is the most trendy outfit for this season. The dress gained popularity during the covid-19 lockdown when women searched for comfortable dresses for daily wear. Since then, kaftan kurta sets have been a perfect choice for women who love to wear relaxed yet chic dresses. 

      There are different styles in which a kaftan kurta set can be styled, the primary being a kaftan kurta with pants followed by a co-ord set and maxi dresses. The second reason that attributes to make the Kaftan kurta a perfect gateway for summer is the lightweight material used to craft it. We have 

      Types of Kaftan Sets

      Kaftan Kurta Set

      Kaftan Kurta sets are the first type of kaftan sets. These sets usually consist of a long kurta accompanied by an ankle length. The material used to craft the kaftan style kurta is cotton, chiffon, and velvet. The popular design available for these kaftan Kurti for women is tie and dye, bandhani, and block print. 

      Kaftan Dress

      Available in a lot of styles and colors like printed blue or black and white. These Kaftan kurtas are a must for the wardrobe this season. The length of these dresses is similar to that of a maxi dress. The fabric used to make these dresses are organic cotton. 

      Kaftan Co-ord Set

      As the name suggests, this design usually has a kaftan shape short Kurti accompanied by a pant. You can get a lot of color options ranging from white, and red to multicolor. The fabric used to make these sets are usually cotton making them comfortable. The usual pattern used in these sets is hand block, floral pattern, or tie and dye. 

      How to Style a Kaftan Kurta?

      Kaftan kurta sets are one such clothing pieces that have always remained in and out of the fashion industry. A lot of celebrities have been found to carry this dress conveniently. Also, kaftan style kurta can be styled in a lot of styles. Our editor has suggested some styles that can be used to style a cotton kaftan kurta:

      Co-ord Set

      Co-ord sets are one of the most premium ways of styling a kaftan kurta. You can find a lot of online websites selling co-ord sets. These are available in different colors, patterns, and designs, etc. Pick a design that suits your personality and preference. The only way to style this co-ord set is to keep minimal makeup, with big earrings. You can wear this style on a casual day out with friends. 


      Pant is the second way to style a kaftan kurta online. For doing this, pick a cotton or chiffon kurta and also pick a pant in contrasting colors. Since pants are usually plain in pattern hence choose a printed kurta in any pattern i.e. block print, floral print, or animal print. Also, can keep a stylish scarf and minimal accessories followed by a kolhapuri flat or ballerina. 


      Pairing a kaftan kurta online is one of the vintage fashion styles. Irrespective of the style of the kurta jeans are always a perfect pair. Wearing a kurta with jeans along with some long jwellery provides a boho look to the overall attire. 

      Benefits of Wearing a Kaftan Kurta Sets

      Kaftan Kurta sets have made a splendid return this season. Earlier, the dress was used only as a Kurta. However, fashion houses have experimented a lot with unique clothing styles. Now, there are several designs and styles that can be used to wear a Kaftan-style kurta. Here are some of the basic benefits that a kaftan kurta with palazzo offers during hot summers. 

      • Comfort: Kaftan Kurta are having a comfortable loose fitting. This makes them a chic style during summer. Also, these are available in vibrant colors thus making them a good choice for fun-loving girls. This loose fitting that a cotton kaftan kurta offers make it a perfect dress for women of any size. The perfect way to wear a kaftan is with some junk jewelry and flats. 
      • Affordable: Kaftan style kurtas are usually made of flowy material such as cotton, chiffon, and linen. This is one of the reasons that the dress is very easy on the pockets. Also, with trendy brands like Aachho, one can get it in different colors, designs, and styles. The usual price range of a kaftan kurta set online is between INR 800 to 1500.
      • Designs: As mentioned earlier, fashion houses have added a quirk element to kaftan kurta sets. Earlier, they were only available in Arabic designs. However, these days, it is available in different prints and patterns be it abstract, floral, embroidered, etc. You get to choose the cotton kaftan kurta style that suits your personality.
      • Perfect Dress for all Sizes: The primary reason that has led to the kaftan kurta with palazzo gaining popularity in the world is its availability for all sizes. As this dress comes with a loose fitting. Hence, they are donned over by lean and plus-size women comfortably. It is due to this, that it adds a chic style to everyday clothing.
      • Great Option for Preggers: Kaftan style kurta are one of the best choices for pregnant women. Whether used as a kurta set or a night suit or a maxi dress. Its flowy pattern and loose fitting make it a perfect attire for pregnant women. Also, the material used to design is lightweight it is often very comfortable and thus should be in the wardrobe.
      • Beach Ware: Kaftan kurtas online were initially used as beach wear. Although several reasons attribute to this, the primary is the comfort it adds. Also, beach dresses are meant to be flowy in a way that it protects from the sun and also keep the wearer casual. 

      We hope this article provided enough details regarding the different types of kaftan kurta sets. For more fashion-related tips keep visiting Aachho.


      Q1: What is a kaftan kurta sets?

      A1: The kaftan kurta set is a kind of dress that usually consists of a kurta that resembles an overcoat having a string attached to near the chest. This set is accompanied by a pant.

      Q2: Which brand is best for kaftan kurta setss for women?

      A2: Aachho is the best brand for kaftan kurta setss for women.

      Q3: What is the usual price of the kaftan kurta sets in India?

      A3: At present, you can get shoulder kaftan kurta sets at a price as low as 700 and the upper price limit of the bags goes to INR 4000 or more.

      Q4: How many types of kaftan kurtas online are there?

      A4: Presently, there are four types of kaftan kurta namely, co-ord set, kaftan kurta with pants, and kaftan dress.

      Q5: Can anyone wear a kaftan Kurti for women?

      A5: Yes, a Kaftan Kurti for women can be worn by any woman irrespective of their size. 

      Q6: What are kaftan kurta onlines made of?

      A6: A lot of materials like organic cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk, and polyester can be used to make the kaftan kurta online these days.

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