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      6 products

      Purple Salwar Suits: The Young, Wild And Ideal Color You Got To Own 

      Nowadays, purple color is becoming very popular in the eyes of women. Today, the designs and contrasts in purple have evolved a wide variety of clothing, that can give multiple choices to women. When it comes to purple salwar suits, women do not have to think twice, as this color is always appealing to the eye. This is why getting multiple styles and designs in this color certainly makes things easy. For this, Aachho has introduced a range of purple-centric salwar suits and varieties of styles. This collection is sure to give a whole new definition to the purple color. And yes! It's not just one, it's a whole family of colors for giving you a soothing, bold, catchy, and sizzling appeal. Choose the purple color salwar suits that fit your idea of styling from the wide collection available. Here is everything about it that you must know.

      The Playful Colors Under Purple Color Salwar Suits

      The purple hue is explored to the fullest at Aachho. Here is everything involved in the collection. 

      Lavender Color Salwar Suits: Lavendar is one of the most refreshing colors to wear. Its soft and light texture itself plays a key role in making any woman turn pretty. Nowadays, lehengas in this color and even lavender color salwar suits in this range have become quite popular. With this, there are several color combinations too that can help boost the lavender touch. However, lavender all over is equally eccentric.

      Light Purple Punjabi Suit: Light purple suits are meant for a pleasant look. Visit Aachho to explore so many fabulous designs of light purple available. Whether you are looking for the pretty and perfect look or you want a color that stays calm in summer, light purple can be a sheer replacement. You don't only have to trust white to bear the summers as light purple color suit design can be an equally beautiful pair. 

      Lilac Salwar Suit: What can be better than lilacing over a lilac salwar suit and its fabulous styling offers? This is one of the most pleasing colors in the family of purple that will never disappoint you. However, designs in this color also do not have limits. For instance, the floral pattern is one of the most popular patterns found in the range of lilac. And, plains also do not have any other match. 

      Mauve Salwar Kameez: Mauve is a fierce color that helps to redefine the color purple. Nowadays, this color is much loved as it supports the nude color family. This is becoming a high trend in this era. If you are looking for a calm, different, and purple at the same time, then this mauve salwar kameez can be definitely on your list.

      Dark Purple Salwar Kameez: Lastly, comes the color that cannot be escaped in the range of purple. This is the dark purple color Punjabi suit or the salwar kameez idea by Aachho. This gives maximum fashionable designs and color contrasts to choose from. 

      Varieties Of Purple Suits And Purple Suit Contrasts At Aachho

      Certainly, there are countless types of purple suit contrasts and varieties available at Aachho. Here is how. 

      Purple Colour Punjabi Suit Simple: Simple salwar suits are always high in demand so that they can be worn anywhere, be it in college, at home, or for shopping. This plain and simple Punjabi suit collection by Aachho is highly comfortable. You can also find this collection in cotton or georgette that will be comfortable for the day out in every weather. 

      Purple Anarkali Suits: Anarkali suits are not just suits these are the masterpieces to steal the show. Consider the Lavendar or dark purple salwar suits with an Anarkali pattern. In fact, Aachho provides this is in so many stylish patterns and gives options in neck designs and Angrakha suits. These many varieties of Anarkali suits give the grace that any woman would desire. 

      Pakistani Light Purple Salwar Kameez: Pakistani salwar kameez is highly popular in India. All credit to the sheer elegance of the purple salwar suits and the fitting that matches the criteria of every body shape. This makes it one of the most comfortable and beautiful suit designs to wear. Such suits generally involve loosely fit calf-length Kurtis and pants. With this, the v-neck design and chiffon dupattas act as prominent attributes of the suit. 

      Purple Colour Plazo Suit: Palazzo and kurtas are something that can be found in the closet of every female. Be it a 50-year-old or be it a 15-year-old, some of the purple color plazo suits tend to be adorable for every age group. For instance, the purple-colored suits with palazzos also come with several color options and contrasts. You can choose the one which fits your purpose, day, and comfort zone.

      The Best Time To Wear Purple Color Salwar Suit

      The purple Punjabi suit design ideas by Aachho give enough room for almost every occasion. Here is how.

      Simple Suits For Everyday: Opting for purple color Punjabi suit simple is an easy-going and amazing idea to wear suits for every day. Aachho gives several cotton Kurtis and suits in purple that give sheer comfort for a long day. If you are a college-going girl or handling bags of vegetables in the market, then purple suits can be your pick. Made out of cotton and hued in light color makes it a very demanding apparel for the mid-days.

      Party-Wear Suits: Dark purple salwar suits with sequins, glitters or floral patterns can be the perfect party suit to design. Punjabi suits also form a phenomenal party wear option. In this, straight Kurtis and pants, palazzos and Kurtis, full-length Kurtis, etc. are some of the fascinating Kurti ideas available online. You can choose the one that matches your occasion.

      Wedding Suits: A purple can stand up to any wedding function to add to the charm. If it is a day function then you can choose a lavender color Anarkali or a lilac one, which is soft and tender in touch. If it is a night function then dark purple colored suits can be very suitable. This color tone has the tendency to be vibrant, elegant, and chic for the night party aura. Also, you can go for combinations of purple colors like purple and black, purple and white, and other color contrasts.

      Kitty Party Ideas: Kitty parties are just the perfect days to explore the purple colors. For instance, you can wear a purple kurta with a white palazzo, or an overall mauve salwar kameez. Such combinations are pretty and pleasant for the kitty parties. Also, palazzos and pants add to the style and comfort at the same time.

      Ideas To Accessorize Purple Punjabi Suit Design

      The dark colors of purple inspire bright accessories to do justice to each of them. For instance, consider a dark purple salwar suit which has to be paired with white-colored dangler earrings. These give a beautiful wedding vibe. Also, light purple-colored salwar suits are more inviting to silver metal jewelry. Choker neckpieces and small earrings pair wonderfully with this clothing. One of the all-time suggestions is stud earrings and heavy rings as these match with all types of purple, be it a dark one or a light one.

      Why Choose Aachho As Your Stop For Purple Salwar Kameez? 

      There are many reasons why choosing Aachho for purple salwar kameez can prove to be a fabulous choice for you. 

      Multiple Designs: Whether you are looking for an Anarkali or sharara or purple color plazo suit, you can find everything at the one-stop shop of Aachho. The wide range of products certainly fit the need of every woman. Not just this, Aachho provides each of these in the entire purple color family, which is a cherry on top of the cake. Here you can also choose from simple, printed, sequined, and other design choices.

      In Every Size: Aachho provides a collection that is a fit for every woman. Certainly, here you can choose from every size ranging from S to XXL. Also, the sizes are available in every purple suit, so you do not have to miss out on anything because of unavailability in sizes. 

      In Affordable Price: The designer collection of Aachho can be bought in a range starting from just Rs. 2,000 and reaching as much as Rs. 8,000. The price certainly justifies the quality and vice versa. 

      In Good Quality: The best part about Aachho is how you can find the ultimate quality purple color salwar suit and unmatchable comfort. Each of the suits is crafted out of supreme quality material. Therefore, the shine, comfort, and quality of the suits last for years.

      With this, Aachho also provides 24*7 customer support and easy-to-access an online platform. So, if you are thinking to buy a purple-colored designer suit for yourself or for your loved one, then this can definitely be a token of love. Shop today to experience the same. 

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