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      Tips to Carry a Pencil Dress for a Casual Outing!

      Be it a casual outing with your friends or an important meeting with a client, the pencil dress is one dressing style that complements both occasions. This dress pattern was quite famous during the 1960s when the fashion world was trying to make a clothing that is simple yet added a fashion statement. 

      Talking about its origin, a pencil frock was not invented in a fashion studio but in the airplane. In 1908, Edith Hart O. Berg was the first woman who flew in an airplane. In order to avoid the embarrassment caused due to the heavy wind while entering the plane, she tied a rope at the button of her dress. Initially criticized by the media, this style was launched in the fashion street in 1940. 

      Since then, the bodycon pencil dress is an integral part of the silhouette industry. Over the years, it has undergone a lot of transformation and more is yet to go. 

      Pencil Dress Pick for This Summer

      Pencil dresses online are one the of best options to consider during the summer. Citing light fabrics like cotton and rayon these are among the must-haves for a woman’s wardrobe. Also, there is no longer barrier to these dresses. They can be as short as a mini or can be also of maxi dress length as per one’s liking. 

      Talking about the fabric, traditionally cotton and linen were the material used in the making of bodycon pencil dresses. However, with time, materials like wool, denim, and rayon are also used in the pencil dress pattern. 

      Types of Pencil Dresses Online

      Pencil Dresses as the name suggests are basically that category of dresses that are usually bodycon or body-hugging. These are the top choices for women in the formal category of garments. Citing the sleek and clean look they provide to women no doubt why it is considered in the list of evergreen fashion. The following are the different types of pencil dresses online. 

      Cap Sleeves

      Pencil frocks with cap sleeves are in trend this season. Cap sleeves are basically short sleeves that are usually curved. The usual neck design that goes with this is a v-neck or boat neck. The pencil dress with cap sleeves provides an overall illusion of a perfect body-fitting dress. 

      High Neck

      A high neck with a pencil dress is one of the most subtle combinations that one can get. This type of dress is usually worn during a professional or formal meeting. Talking the sleeves it is always full to add that correct fit of balance to the garment. You can always pick a monochrome high neck ladies pencil dress for a formal meeting and pair it with the same color pump. 

      Crew Neck

      A crew neck is the combination of a boat and a short neck. This is one of the typical bodycon pencil dresses opted for by several women. The fabric usually used to make this dress is cotton or silk. 

      Button Up

      Depicting a shirt, and button-up pencil frock has taken the fashion industry by storm when it was first announced. A little different from the traditional pencil dress design, its top part is designed like a shirt with big or small buttons. The overall look of this dress is also slim fit and sleek thus keeping the base design similar. 


      As mentioned in the name, the dress is usually strapless or has spaghetti straps accompanying the bodycon pencil dress. This is one such dress that can be only worn during a casual engagement or a party. 

      Wrap Dress

      A wrap dress is the latest addition in the pencil frock family. This dress is hugely popular amongst plumper women too. The reason is the pencil dress pattern as in which the upper part has a wrap-like top that complements the body and waistline. Whereas the lower part resembles the traditional pencil dress pattern. 

      Tips to Style a Pencil Frock

      Pencil Frock is considered the slim women's dress. This is because of the bodycon filling it gives to a woman's body. Citing its body-hugging fitting, it is known as the best dress that can compliment a woman's body. However, the basic problem faced with this dress is its styling. The pencil gown for ladies is a simple clothing piece but it has to be styled effectively for different occasions. 

      • Informal Dressing: The pencil frock is a casual silhouette and has numerous styles and patterns to compliment these occasions. There are several fabrics, colors, neck designs, and patterns to experiment with. The length of the dress is also not subjected to any limits. 
      • Formal Dressing: A pencil dress is a lifesaver for formal occasions too. Irrespective of your body size you can carry this dress to a formal meeting or corporate get together. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is to make sure that the fabric is correctly suitable for the weather. Also, since the bodycon pencil dress is for formal occasions hence avoid flashy designs or patterns. 


      Q1: What is a pencil dress?

      A1: The pencil for women set is a one-piece dress that is usually body hugging and a bodycon dress that compliments slender and slim bodies. 

      Q2: Which brand is best for pencil dress for women sets for women?

      A2: Aachho is the best brand for pencil frocks online for women.

      Q3: What is the usual price of a pencil dress for women in India?

      A3: At present, you can get shoulder pencil dress online for women's sets at a price as low as 700 and the upper price limit of the bags go to INR 4000 or more.

      Q4: How many types of pencil dresses for women online are there?

      A4: Presently, there are six types of pencil dress designs namely, cap sleeves, high neck, crew neck, button-up pencil frock, strapless pencil gown and wrap dress, etc. 

      Q5: Can anyone wear a casual pencil dress for women?

      A5: Yes, owing to the comfortable yet casual look they carry a pencil dress pattern that can be worn by women of any age. 

      Q6: What are pencil dresss for women made of?

      A6: A lot of materials like organic cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk, and polyester can be used to make stylish pencil dresses online these days.

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