Earrings have always been an important part of any Indian woman's jewellery collection for ages. These ear ornaments are available in a wide variety and help in accentuating the overall look be it ethnic, contemporary or western. Browse and shop the latest earrings designs launched by Aachho based on their taste and style.

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      70 products

      Create a Fashion Statement with Classy Aachho Earrings

      Earrings have always been an important part of any Indian woman's jewelry collection for ages. Whether you're dressed casually or wearing a heavy ethnic ensemble, the right pair of earrings can make you look even more charming and attractive. While you’ll mostly see women wearing earrings today, it is interesting to know that earrings were traditionally worn by men in ancient times. Later on, earrings were made from precious metals like gold and silver and became a symbol of stature for women.

      Whether you're looking for gold jhumka earrings or elegant fancy earrings, Aachho has a large selection of earrings to compliment any outfit. So, visit our online store today and get your perfect pair of earrings!

      Browse the Wide Variety of Women’s Earrings Online

      Aachho has one of the best and the trendiest collections of earrings for women online. Some of our most popular earrings design are:


      Jhumkas (also known as jhumki) are among the most classic forms of earrings having a bell-shaped structure. They were originally made of gold and silver during the Chola period. Jhumka designs are now available with gorgeous embellishments and various patterns and can be worn with any ethnic outfit.


      Chandbalis are earrings with a half-moon shape at the bottom that are round or oval. These earrings were first seen in Hyderabad, where they continue to dominate the earring market. Chandbalis are incredibly popular among young women and look great with both modern and ethnic attire.

      Kundan Jewellery

      Kundan jewelry is another bridal favorite. It has a special significance in India. The word ‘Kundan’ means ‘gold’ and Kundan jewelry is often made of pure gold. Kundan earrings have a rich legacy in Rajasthan. These earrings contain elaborate motifs and are meticulously created. Kundan earrings are typically worn with ethnic ensembles.

      Meenakari Jewellery

      Meenakari was introduced in India during the Mughal era. The distinct feature of Meenakari is that it comes in different colors in the form of stones and crushed glass. If you opt for Meenakari earrings, it is best to go for a matching necklace to suit your ethnic wear.

      Ceramic Earrings

      The demand for ceramic earrings is rising and for all the right reasons! These earrings are extremely chic and available in a plethora of colors and styles. They also tend to go well with both modern and ethnic outfits.

      Hoop Earrings

      Hoop earrings have a simple circular design and are extremely popular with women of all ages. These earrings also go with any outfit and have a modern yet elegant touch to the whole attire.

      Drop & Dangler Earrings

      Drop earrings fall just below the earlobe and are a perfect example of modern earring designs. They are considerably lighter than chandelier earrings or Jhumkas. Drop earrings can be a great combination with formal wear as they don’t overpower your look.

      As the name suggests, Dangler earrings are famous for their to and fro movement. These earrings range in length from a shoulder brush to an inch or two below the earlobe. These look fantastic with both fusion and casual ensembles.

      Studs Earrings

      Stud earrings are perfect for any occasion and are easy to carry. From classic earrings to funky and colorful patterns, studs come in thousands of designs and can be very flattering.

      How to Select the Perfect Earrings to Complete Your Look? 

      • Select earrings according to your face shape, skin tone, occasion, and outfit.
      • If you have a round or oval-shaped face, avoid earrings that are circular-shaped. Instead, go for chain or tassel designs. If you have a square or oblong face, hoops and jhumkas would be an ideal choice.
      • If you have warm undertones, go for gold or silver earrings. If you have cool undertones, go for colorful stone earrings.
      • Your choice of earrings should greatly depend on the occasion. If it’s a wedding or festival, you can go for heavy and traditional earrings, but if it's work or a casual party, you should go for lighter and casual earrings.
      • Your choice of earrings greatly depends on the outfit. They should match your overall look. You should avoid wearing traditional earrings with casual or western outfits under all circumstances.
      • Apart from these, if you are tying your hair up, you should go with danglers or drop earrings. You can also wear ear cuffs, which are trending for people with many ear piercings.

      Shop the Latest Earrings Design for Women Online at Aachho

      Aachho has a wonderful and broad range of stylish earrings ranging from jhumkas to handcrafted Kundan earrings. Simply search for earrings on our website and browse the collection. When you've found the perfect fit, add it to your cart and enter your details. Then you can move to payment choices and effortlessly purchase stunning sets of earrings!

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