Choker Necklace

Choker neck sets are now prevalent across multiple fashion genres. Whether western outfits, Indo-western dresses or ethnic ensembles, a choker set never fails to elevate the charm of the entire outfit. From Chunky choker jewellery chains to Antique choker set designs, from Crystal chokers to traditional choker necklaces online, and diamond choker set online, the variety is truly endless.

      12 products

      12 products

      Amp up your style statement with exquisite Choker Necklace

      An exotic piece of ornament, the choker set has gained quite a momentum in recent times as versatile fashion jewellery. Once paired mainly with ethnic attires, Choker neck sets are now prevalent across multiple fashion genres. Whether western outfits, Indo-western dresses or ethnic ensembles, a choker set never fails to elevate the charm of the entire outfit. Does that make you dive into the world of fascinating traditional choker sets or designer choker necklace sets? If yes here take a glance at the few trendiest women's choker necklaces:- 

      Handcrafted Choker Necklace 

      Nothing can beat the charm of a handcrafted choker set. With a sophisticated and quirky appeal, this choker design accentuates your collar bones beautifully while delicately sitting on your neck. A must-have in every woman’s jewellery collection, this choker design balances an ultra-glamorous look when donning a boat neck, deep neck or halter neck blouse. When donning a full-sleeve ensemble adds a dash of flamboyance and charisma to an entire ensemble look. Get yourself an exotic handcrafted choker set from Aachho to make a powerful style statement. 

      Crystal Choker Necklace 

      Suitable for all occasions, Crystal choker jewellery is not only best for personal use but it is ideal to gift on special occasions. Moreover, it goes well with any outfit. Whether looking for a Crystal choker necklace for a lehenga or a Crystal choker necklace for a saree or any other outfit, check out Aachho’s collection of Crystal women's choker necklaces. Plated with superior quality polish, this choker set exudes long lasting finish.   

      Silver choker

      Silver chokers for women are skin friendly as Silver is one of the most popular metals. Available in various designs, these traditional choker necklaces online add a touch of authentic beauty to any look. If you are looking for the trendiest silver choker then you can find plenty of options online and offline.

      Stone choker necklace

      A marvellous fusion of feminine elegance and exquisite craftsmanship, the Stone choker necklace will undeniably be a treasured inclusion in your jewellery collection. Precisely crafted, when polished stones reflect light then nothing can stop you from being a cynosure to all eyes. When in quest of a glamorous Stone choker necklace, you will be easily able to find a variety of options from simple choker necklace to designer choker necklace, from traditional choker set to western choker necklace and beyond.          

      Tribal-style Choker Necklace 

      An enigmatic piece of jewellery, the Tribal-style Choker Necklace promises to make you steal the limelight by flattering your neck in the quirkiest way. When striving to experiment with your choker set look, do not limit yourself to options. Simply grab a Tribal-styled choker set and earn some extra compliments on your ultimate fashion sense.

      Fabric choker set 

      These days choker sets come in a variety of fabrics as well. The popular fabric options in choker sets include ceramic, acrylic, leather, enamel, resin, fabric amber, bronze, nickel, and beyond. A fabric choker set indeed can be considered quirky statement fashion jewellery as it adds an unmatched allure to the entire look. 

      Bridal Choker Necklace  

      A splash of glamour and colours, a bridal choker necklace can uplift a bridal look beyond words. This classic possession falls into a luxury choker necklace traditional segment and can be passed down to the generations. The jaw-dropping chokers for wedding design whether you prefer the intricate or minimalist design will compel you to consider adding a bridal choker set to your wedding jewellery collection. When looking to find the perfect choker necklace set for a lehenga, check out some latest choker designs only at Aachho. 

      Studded Choker Necklace 

      Embellished with colourful gemstones, Studded Choker Necklace captivates the imagination of the beholders in a grand way. When looking to find a dream studded choker set, there is no dearth of options that suit all fashion preferences and budgets. You can turn your dream of flaunting a studded choker necklace into a reality by checking curated choker necklace design images at Aachho. 

      Buy the trendiest choker set online only at Aachho

      The sky is the limit when looking to add a few stunning pieces of choker necklace design. From Chunky choker jewellery chains to Antique choker set design, from Crystal chokers for women to traditional choker necklace online, from diamond choker set online, the variety is truly endless. 

      That is why at Aachho, our team of designers and artisans go to extra mile to put forward an exquisite choker jewellery set that keeps you coming back for more. Not just ravishing choker sets, we also take pride in offering the trendiest earrings, anklets, maang tika and a wide range of jewellery options to help you finish your fashion look impeccably with a feel-good finishing. So wait for no further and get started with a flawless shopping experience that boasts of easy return, on-time delivery and convenient payment options. 


      Q: What are the latest trends for choker necklaces set for women in 2023?

      A: According to jewellery designers, the latest choker necklace set choker set trends to include Handcrafted choker sets, Crystal choker set, Studded choker set, and Diamond choker set. 

      Q: What is the expert tip to style a Choker necklace?

      A: The expert tip to style a choker necklace is to pair a diamond choker set with exotic formal ensembles no matter ethnic or western and pair a handcrafted choker set with exotic ethnic ensembles. Other choker set styles can be paired with semi-formal and casual outfits. 

      Q: Where can I find the trendiest choker necklace sets?

      A: When looking to add a few dazzling choker necklace sets, do not look beyond Aachho which constantly updates choker set designs to fit your evolving fashion styles and needs to help you stay ahead of the fashion curve.  

      Q: Can I wear a Choker necklace with Western dresses?

      A: If a choker design set has caught hold of your imagination then you can find a few ideal choker sets that can be effortlessly paired with western dresses. A few popular options include a Fabric choker set, Diamond choker set, Choker chains, Beaded choker set, Crystal choker set and more. 

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