Cotton Dresses

The cotton dresses for women are of various types ranging from Angrakha, Gathers, Kalidar, Layer, and Pencil dresses. These dresses are one of the essential clothing styles for the summer. The most common dresses to pick from are A-line dresses, Gathers dresses and Angrakha dresses. Browse through Aachho’s collection to beat the summer heat with a pinch of style.

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      46 products

      Cotton Dresses for Women - A Wardrobe Essential!

      Cotton dresses are one of the essential clothing styles for the summer. Citing durability and versatility, the cotton frock for women is the best clothing to be worn during warm weather. 

      The Indian cotton summer dresses for women are of various types ranging from Angrakha, Gathers, Kalidar, Layer, and Pencil dresses. The cotton fabric also offers insulation during summers making it one of the chicest garment styles and also making this as the main reason to buy cotton dresses online.

      Types of Cotton Dresses

      Cotton dresses for women are one of the favorites for the summer. Although, not a very costly fabric yet it adds regalness to anyone. Here are ten types of cotton dresses for ladies that you can add to your wardrobe this summer. 


      The A-Line cotton dress comes in different prints and patterns from polka dots to hand block prints. The structure of the dress is usually A-line with sleeves either short, long, bell-shaped, or strapless. The price range for the cotton dress designs ranges between INR 1500 to INR 5000. 


      Earlier used for men's and women's kurtas the angrakha designs are now used for dresses. The cotton dress comes in a floral print and tie design at the chest. These cotton long dresses are one of the best picks for a summer hangout. 


      As the name suggests, this cotton dress gathers near the waistline. The usual sleeves adorned with this type of dress are bell-shaped, off-shoulder, spaghetti strap, etc. The pattern used to craft this dress can be hand block, polka dots, floral print etc. The price range for the gathered dress ranges between INR 1800 to 5000. 


      As the name suggests, the Kalidaar dress means a lot of kali or flares. The pattern used to craft this dress is polka dots, shibori, and floral print. 


      Layer dress means adding a lot of layers to the usual dress. These are in trend at present and usually comprise of short sleeves adorned with hand block print. 


      The pencil dress is also known as a bodycon dress as it hugs the body completely carving out the slender figures. This is one of the most preferred cotton summer dresses for formal and informal occasions. 

      Benefits of Wearing Cotton Dresses for Women

      Cotton is one of the fabrics that adds royalty to the wearer if it is maintained in a good way. Also, there are several advantages due to which cotton dress design is one of the most preferred clothing fabric. 

      • Cotton is hypoallergenic which makes it one of the non-irritant fabrics. Hence, this is one of the fabrics that is used by people with sensitive skin. This is also one of the reasons that cotton is used for first aid. 
      • Cotton fabric is one of the most durable garments. This is one of the reasons that this fabric does not rip off or tear up easily.
      • It is one of the softest fabrics, variants like mulmul make cotton comfortable for wearers. 
      • Cotton offers thermal insulation hence it is one of the most preferred fabrics for the summer. The material is very breathable thus allowing proper ventilation of air into the skin. Another advantage of opting for cotton is that it easily absorbs perspiration. 

      Types of Cotton Fabric

      The best part about cotton dresses is that they are made up of a material that is breathable and helps in fighting perspiration during summer. However, many of us don’t know that at present there are three different types of cotton fabric. Each of these fabrics has its own pros and cons. Check out the details related to the fabric used in making cotton summer dresses. 

      Light Weight Cotton Fabric

      The first kind is the lightweight cotton fabric which is usually sheer in terms of transparency. The thread count of this fabric is really less accounting for sheer transparency. The pros of this fabric are that it can be folded very easily. The names of the fabric that comes under this category are cotton gauze, cotton voile, and cotton lawn. This fabric is used to make swimsuit covers, tunics, and lightweight summer gowns. 

      Medium Weight Cotton Fabric

      The second type of cotton fabric is medium-weight cotton fabric. Talking about the transparency value it is opaque in nature. The thread count of this cotton fabric is high as compared to the first one and it is usually made to make sheath and shirt dresses. 

      Heavy Weight Cotton Fabric

      The third kind of cotton fabric is heavyweight, it usually has a sateen silk finish. This fabric is shinier than its other two counterparts. Hence, it is used to make prom night dresses or bridal gowns. Citing the tough fabric, clothing pieces that require a strong structure can be made using this. 


      Q1: What is the benefit of wearing a cotton dress?

      A1: The cotton dress for women is one of the most durable and versatile garment fabrics to be worn during the summer.

      Q2: Which brand is best for cotton dress designs for women?

      A2: Aachho is the best brand for a cotton long dress for women these days.

      Q3: What is the usual price of cotton dresses for women in India?

      A3: At present, you can get cotton dresses online at a price as low as 700 and the upper price limit of the bags goes to INR 4000 or more.

      Q4: How many types of cotton dresses made in India are there?

      A4: Presently, there are six types of cotton dresses namely, A-line, Angrakha, Gathers, Kalidaar, Layer, and Pencil. 

      Q5: Can anyone wear Indian cotton dresses for women?

      A5: Yes, owing to the comfortable yet casual look they carry cotton summer dresses for women that can be worn by women of any age. 

      Q6: How many types of fabric are there used to craft cotton dresses online?

      A6: At present, there are three types of cotton fabric namely, lightweight, medium weight, and heavy weight are used to craft cotton dresses made in India. 

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