Ajrakh Suits

Ajrakh print is generally carved on a cotton material with base colours indigo and red. The primary printing technique is block print which comes in a floral pattern. This suit design is perfect for office wear and provides ultimate comfort to the wearer.

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      2 products

      Ajrakh Print Suit - The Ageless Art!

      Ajrakh finds its name in the Sindhi language. The meaning of the first letters i.e. Ajra is brick whereas ak is the prefix. This is one of the modern forms of art that is used to adorn cotton suits. Ajrakh print suits are common these days citing the high-quality cotton fabrics used along with a traditional form of block printing. 

      Talking about the history, Ajrakh suits online are used to carve out a simple pattern on cotton fabric using the dye method. The usual colors used in the cotton Ajrakh suits are red and indigo. Indigo is a key dye in this technique but the dyes are usually naturally made with vegetable and mineral oil bases. This page consists of precise information related to the history and types of ajrakh suit sets online. 

      History of Ajrakh Print Suit

      Ajrakh print suits have flooded the market and wardrobe of women across the country. The reason for this popularity is the unique block printing technique that is used to craft these suits. As per history, Ajrakh print is used to display different designs and pattern. 

      As per the technique, the craftsman uses a block carved out with a traditional pattern or design. Next, this block has to be used with natural dye on cotton fabric. The printing method used is the resist printing method and is used within a grid. For making the design on the ajrakh suit, the craftsman fills the block with colors and then applies it directly on the cloth.

      Types of Ajrakh Suits:

      Aachho is known to combine art with fashion in the most stylish ways. Hence, we have launched our range of Angrakha print suits. We have launched suits in two different categories namely suits and dresses. The usual technique used to curate these ajrakh suits online is hand block. The following section consists of the different types of cotton ajrakh suits. 

      • Deep Mocha Handblock Suit Set
      • Ajrakh handblock suit
      • Red Victorian hand block Ajrakh suits 

      For more such interesting fashion tips and tricks do visit the official website of Aachho. 


      Q1: How many kinds of ajrakh print suits are available online?

      A1: At present, there are five types of suits available online i.e. Angrakha Suit, Sharara Suit, Kalidaar Suit, ajrakh print Salwar Suit and Umbrella Suit.

      Q2: Which brand is best for ajrakh print suits for women's sets?

      A2: Aachho is the best brand for women to buy ajrakh print suits online.

      Q3: What is the usual price of ajrakh print suits for women's sets in India?

      A3: At present, you can get shoulder ajrakh print suits for women's sets at a price as low as 2500 and the upper price limit of the bags goes to INR 5000 or more.

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      Ajrakh Suits at Best Price List

      Ajrakh Suits Best Price
      Plum Kitten Handblock Suit Set 2,499
      Deep Mocha Handblock Suit Set 2,499