The Tale of Two Traditional Outfits: Sharara vs Gharara

Indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, the Sharara and Gharara are both traditional outfits that have made a striking comeback in recent years. However, due to their similar appearance, it's not uncommon for individuals to get slightly confused between the two. To unravel the mystery of Sharara vs Gharara, let's dive into an elaborate explanation of both outfits, their unique styles, and how they can be adorned for the perfect look with designs from Aachho, a go-to for traditional ensemble lovers.

Let's start with Sharara. A sharara is a pair of wide-legged pants that sits high on the waist and flares out dramatically from the knee. This outfit's beauty comes from the sheer volume of fabric, giving it a beautiful, flowing silhouette. On the other hand, a gharara, while similar to a sharara, is divided into two parts. The upper part fits the body to the knees, and from the knee downwards, a separate piece of flared fabric is fitted onto it. This creates a beautiful pleated effect when twirling.

To kickstart, let's delve into Sharara options offered by Aachho. 

1. Blue Melody Gota Sharara Set with Gota Potli

This vibrant set strikes an elegant balance between traditional artisanship and modern fashion. The radiant blue paired with the intricate gota work makes it a centerpiece in anyone's wardrobe. Complete with a gota potli, this suit perfectly merges tradition with glamour.

2. Dizi Chanderi Sharara Set

This Sharara set is constructed from lightweight chanderi fabric and exudes a simple yet sophisticated vibe. The soothing peach tone and subtle detailing on the neckline and cuffs are ideal for understated fashion enthusiasts.

3. Coco Love Handblock Gota Sharara Set

This is a rich tribute to India's handblock printing tradition. The deep brown color combined with handblock prints and gota detailing renders this festive wear an organic, earthy feel.

4. Sky Orchid Handblock Gota Sharara Set

Harnessing the power of pastel hues, this sharara set has a breezy charm. Its hand block prints on a sky-blue background, subtly complemented by gota work, weave a tapestry of traditional magic. 

5. Red Paisley Handblock Sharara Set

A pop of bright red, this festive sharara set stands out due to its classic paisley hand block prints, which promise a bold fashion statement. 

6. Akiko Chanderi Sharara Set

This elegant ensemble offers a sophisticated blend of fashion and comfort. The highlights are the mellow tones, chanderi fabric, and precisely tailored Sharara, which define understated elegance.

7. Blue Sapphire Gota Sharara Set

This royal blue Sharara, replete with detailed Gota work, gives off a luxurious vibe. It strikes an ideal balance between grandeur and style, making it popular for festive occasions.

8. Dhak Handblock Sharara Set

This set takes you on a journey to the cultural roots of India with its traditional handblock prints. The harmonious blend of indigo blue and cream brings an element of tranquillity to the ensemble.

9. Blue Horizon Handpainted Sharara Set

This breathtaking ensemble offers a canvas of hand-painted accents against a serene blue backdrop. The hand-painted detailing takes this Sharara set to a lofty height of artisanal allure. 

10. Kaasni Handpainted Organza Sharara Set

Crafted with delicate organza, this sharara set showcases unique hand-painting work. The soft pastel backdrop, highlighted with meticulously placed paint strokes, makes this set an artistic masterpiece.

Now, let's conceptualize some options for Gharara by Aachho:

1. Emerald Dew Gharara Set

The "Emerald Dew Gharara Set" is styled to reflect tradition and sophistication in a unique design. The captivating emerald hue mirrors the richness and depth of Indian heritage, commanding attention and admiration from every corner. The design, defined by a flared palazzo-style Gharara, offers unparalleled comfort without compromising its regal appeal. Subtly embellished, the kurta completes this ensemble, blending seamlessly with the Gharara's vibrant shade. The delicate craftsmanship, the voluminous silhouette, and the careful attention to detail make this set a must-have addition to your ethnic wardrobe. Perfect for festive occasions, this ensemble awe-inspires, leaving a lingering memory of its elegance in the observer's mind.

2. Moonlit Floral Gharara Set

The "Moonlit Floral Gharara Set" exhibits fine, intricate embroidery work on an exceptional gharara set for a touch of uniqueness. Inspired by the calming serenity of a moonlit night, this outfit brings together understated elegance and minimalist design, quite becoming of the modern woman's taste. The Gharara is decorated with detailed floral patterns, rekindling the alluring charm of traditional Indian needlework. Paired with a simple white kurta, it forms a harmonious blend of complex embroidery and minimalist design. The serene white backdrop accentuates the floral motifs on the Gharara, making the outfit perfect for a warm summer day.

3. Indigo Sky Gharara Set

The "Indigo Sky Gharara Set" stands out, making a powerful fashion statement. The ensemble draws inspiration from a starry indigo sky, represented through a dramatic royal-blue Gharara and Anarkali-style kurta. The darker hue suggests mystery and depth, reflecting the enchanting beauty of a midnight sky. This ensemble's allure lies in its simplicity - the minimal embellishments and ethereal flow of the Anarkali kurta sparkle with understated elegance, just like the stars adorning the sky. Suited best for an evening gathering or a night-time event, the Indigo Sky Gharara set will undoubtedly make heads turn and leave the crowd starstruck.

Some additional options to consider are the "Lily Bird Tie Dye Handpainted Sharara Set," which brings out the magic of tie-dye in a sharara; the "Mumtaz Chanderi Gotapatti Sharara Set," which artistically merges gotapatti work with Chanderi fabric that exudes royal elegance; and the "Frida Georgette Cape Sharara Set," which features a fashionable cape design, making it a contemporary choice for a sharara suit.

Exploring 'Sharara vs. Gharara' or 'Gharara vs Sharara' with brands like Aachho broadens your horizon, understanding the versatility and vivacity they bring to the table. Be it a 'Sharara suit vs Gharara' or a 'Sharara vs Gharara dress,' they both hold a special charm. To sum up, Sharara and Gharara are stylish, comfortable, and versatile outfits that add a touch of traditional elegance to your wardrobe. Happy dressing!


What is the main difference between a sharara and a gharara?

The main difference lies in the style and design of the two dresses. A sharara is a pair of wide-legged pants that flare out from the knee and sit high on the waist. It's known for the sheer volume of fabric used. A gharara, on the other hand, is divided into two parts - the upper part fits the body to the knees, and from the knee downwards, a separate piece of flared fabric is fitted, creating a pleated effect.

How can one style a sharara?

Sharp, striking colors and beautiful prints lend a unique charm to shararas. Whether it's bright blues with intricate gota work or rich hand-block prints on earthy tones, there are many ways to style a sharara. Pair it with matching or contrasting kurtas and accessorize it with traditional jewelry for a festive look.

What are some examples of gharara designs?

There's a multitude of designs available in gharara. For instance, an emerald-hued set with a flared palazzo-style gharara offers a regal look. Alternatively, a simple white gharara set with detailed embroidery work can provide a minimalist, elegant look. A rich royal-blue, Anarkali-style gharara set draws inspiration from a starry indigo sky, making a powerful fashion statement. The choice of colors, fabrics, and patterns is extensive, ensuring a gharara for every taste and preference.

Can shararas and ghararas be worn for formal occasions?

Absolutely. The elegance and charm of both shararas and ghararas make them perfect for formal occasions. For instance, a gharara set in a captivating emerald hue or a sharara set with intricate gota work can make a striking impression at formal events. They blend tradition and glamour perfectly, making them an apt choice for weddings, festive occasions, and other formal ceremonies.

How do you choose between a sharara and a gharara?

The choice between a sharara and a gharara essentially boils down to personal preference and the occasion. Both outfits offer elegance and style. If you prefer a flowing silhouette and volume, opt for a sharara. If you want a detailed design around the knees and a pleated effect when twirling, go for a gharara. Both can be styled with equal elegance and are versatile additions to your wardrobe. Whether it's a festive occasion, a formal event, or a semi-formal gathering, both Sharara and gharara can make a unique fashion statement. The key is to consider the overall aesthetics of the event, your comfort, and your style while choosing between the two traditional outfits.

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