Lehenga looks: Know How to Wear Lehenga and Rock the Wedding

Celebrities and their Lehenga looks: Know How to Wear Lehenga and Rock the Wedding like a Celebrity

Lights, camera, lehenga! Are you ready to take center stage and dazzle like your favorite celebrities at this shining event? From elegant embellishments to stunning silhouettes, get ready to be captivated by the glitz and glamour as we unravel the secrets of how to wear lehenga and rock your way through the wedding festivities, just like a true star! So, grab your notebook and get ready to take notes, because this is your ultimate guide to becoming the showstopper of your own fairy tale!

Why Partywear Lehenga should be a first choice for a summer wedding?

Indian women wearing wearing blue lehenga

Are you dreaming of a summer wedding celebration that is both sizzling and stylish? Look no further than the partywear lehenga to make your big day truly unforgettable. Here's why this regal ensemble should be your first choice for a summer wedding:

  • Breathe in the Air of Elegance: A partywear lehenga is the picture of classic elegance. It gently adorns your form and exudes an appealing atmosphere that mesmerizes everyone because of the elaborate needlework, delicate decorations, and luxurious fabrics that went into its design. The attire will make you feel like royalty and subtly upgrade your overall wedding look, whether you choose a traditional red, a pastel tint, or a bold shade.
  • Stay Cool, stay comfy: Summer weddings can be stressful, but don't worry—the partywear lehenga is here to save you from the heat. These lehengas are made from airy fabrics like georgette, chiffon, or crepe, which allow your skin to breathe and offer unrivalled comfort throughout the occasion. Without having to worry about feeling heavy, you may dance the night away and enjoy the thrill of your big day.
  • Dazzle with Versatility: A partywear lehenga's versatility is one of its best qualities. To create a look that suits your personality, you can easily experiment with various blouse styles, draping patterns, and dupatta designs. The lehenga gently fits all styles, letting you to express your individuality whether you like a conventional choli or a modern crop top.
  • Radiate Joy and Vibrancy: The theme of summer weddings is to celebrate the joy and vibrancy of love. Lehengas for party wear come in a rainbow of hues, from delicate pastels to striking jewel tones, so you may be sure to select the ideal tone that captures the spirit of your special day. The vibrant colors bring a touch of vivacity to the entire party in addition to making for excellent images.
  • Effortless Glamour: With a partywear lehenga, getting ready on the wedding festivities is stress-free. Its effortless beauty allows you to spend more time enjoying the occasion with your loved ones and less time worrying about what to wear. You will be ready to shine like a star by simply accessorizing it with some dramatic jewelry and beautiful shoes.

So embrace the appeal of the partywear lehenga and get set to attend the festivities in elegance while leaving a trail of lifelong memories.

How to wear and style your lehenga for your next wedding occasion?

Indian women wearing majenta pink lehenga

Mastering the art of wearing and styling your lehenga is your key to stealing the show, whether you're the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest. To help you embrace your inner diva and leave a lasting impact at the upcoming wedding reception, here are some tips on how to wear lehenga and style it:

  1. Find the Perfect Fit: Before you begin styling, ensure your lehenga fits you like a dream. The right fit accentuates your body's contours, lending an air of confidence to your overall look. Pay attention to the blouse's fit, the lehenga's waistband, and the length of the skirt to create a flawless silhouette that complements your body shape.
  2. Play with Colors and Fabrics: The key to putting together a gorgeous combination is selecting the proper color and fabric. Georgette or chiffon in pastel colors are appropriate for daytime weddings, while silk or velvet in rich jewel tones are appropriate for nighttime nuptials. Accept your unique sense of style and choose colors that suit you.
  3. Exquisite Embellishments: Embellishments give your lehenga a hint of luxury. The appropriate decorations, whether they are elaborate needlework, sequins, or zari work, may make your garment stand out. Depending on your personal style choices, complement a richly embroidered lehenga with a basic blouse.
  4. Creatively Drape Your Dupatta: Your whole appearance can be greatly affected by the way you drape your dupatta. So, on how to wear lehenga dupatta in different styles, try different draping techniques, such as one over the shoulder, one pleated across the chest, or one elegantly dropping from one side. Additionally, the draping design can draw attention to your jewelry and accentuate your neckline.
  5. Carefully choose your accessories: Accessorizing is the secret to improving your lehenga game. Statement pieces of jewelry can add an air of royalty right away, such as magnificent chokers, maang tikkas, and chandelier earrings. Choose simple jewelry if your lehenga is richly embroidered, and vice versa.
  6. The Magic of Hair and Makeup: Your hair and makeup finish the look and tie everything together. Pick a makeup style that highlights your greatest features and matches your lehenga. For hairstyles, elaborate braids, loose curls, or a traditional bun can wonderfully complement a lehenga's grandeur.
  7. Carry the Right Clutch: A stylish clutch is a necessary piece of accessories to keep your necessities close to reach. A purse that matches your lehenga and has room for your phone, lipstick, and other essentials is ideal.
  8. Footwear that Goes with Your Outfit: Your choice of shoes can either enhance or ruin your appearance. Choose footwear that is both cozy and fashionable, such juttis or adorned sandals. To look put together and professional, coordinate the color of your footwear with the hue of your lehenga.

In conclusion, your lehenga can be your ultimate style statement on any wedding occasion. Remember, confidence is the ultimate accessory that will make you shine like a true fashion diva!


Indian women wearing red lehenga

In conclusion, celebrities have always set the trend with their breathtaking lehenga looks, highlighting the epitome of elegance and glamour. By unravelling the secrets of how to wear lehenga and rock a wedding like a true star, we can all embrace the limelight and feel like celebrities on our special day. To achieve these enchanting looks, one can turn to Aachho, where style meets sophistication. With their exquisite collection of lehengas, Aachho offers the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary design, ensuring that every individual can don the allure of their favorite celebrity and make their wedding an unforgettable, star-studded affair.


Q. How to wear a lehenga perfectly? 

A. To wear a lehenga perfectly, ensure a proper fit, experiment with colors and draping styles, accessorize thoughtfully, and exude confidence in your look.

Q. How to look classy in Indian dress?

A. To look classy in an Indian dress, choose well-fitted outfits, opt for elegant and timeless designs, accessorize minimally but thoughtfully, and carry yourself with poise and confidence.

Q. How to drape chunni on a lehenga?

A. Take one end of the chunni, tuck it in at the waist, and sling it over the shoulder to wear it with a lehenga. To give it an elegant appearance, pin it down and adjust the pleats.

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