Transform Your Traditional Look With Lehenga Dupatta Styles

Lehengas are the epitome of modest & graceful fashion. This attire is a beautiful way to showcase your unique style and cultural heritage. The dupatta of this traditional outfit transforms your look exceptionally. How you drape your dupatta can elevate your ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary. The various styles add layers of grace, sophistication, and modernity. Whether you prefer a timeless drape, a fusion of modern & old-school, or a trendy twist, excellence in different lehenga dupatta styles allows you to give your look an exclusive touch.

Our experts at Aachho present you with this blog that explores the various ways of lehenga dupatta draping style.

Classic Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles

These dupatta draping styles have stood the test of time. They have been in vogue since Lehengas started making a fashion statement. Such draping styles symbolize the essence of Indian culture while providing a modern grace.

1.) Over-the-Shoulder Drape

This came into fashion decades ago, but it still tops the charts. Even today, this draping style is considered the best way to drape a lehenga dupatta. This iconic style is also known as "seedha pallu" in Hindi. This classic technique is simple and modest. It involves draping the dupatta over one shoulder and letting it gracefully fall across the body. This style flaunts the intricate embroidery, beautifully. Quite comfortable to carry, it is usually followed in almost all the regions of India.

2.) Gujarati Style Drape

Well, let us tell you that this one is a beloved CLASSIC! It is fancied not only by women but is currently trending amongst Gen-Z's. This style involves a neatly pleated dupatta from the back to the front. The sophisticated look is finished by pinning the dupatta on the other shoulder. When wearing a popular bandhani dupatta, this drape does wonders for the look.

3.) Bengali Style Drape

Ladies, you must be familiar with "Devdas", a cult classic. Remember, how women used to drape saree pallu in this movie? That's exactly how a Bengali dupatta is draped. To be precise, this drape is characterized by wrapping the dupatta around the torso and shoulder. This gives a royal touch to the ensemble. You can carry this style with your heavy and lavish lehengas on festive occasions.

4.) The Saree Drape

This simple, common yet elegant kind of drape is another timeless style. It mimics the way a saree pallu is worn. When you want to keep it minimal but graceful, this drape is the ideal choice.

All these classic & stylish dupatta draping styles for lehenga are comfortable & fashionable. They suit women and girls of every age. Besides, their draping style is quite easy & hassle-free.

Add Flair With Modern Lehenga Dupatta Style

It's not necessary to always carry a traditional look. You can always experiment with different dupatta draping styles. For the modern you, follow the below draping style guide & look stunning.

1.) Cape Style Drape

In this style, the dupatta is worn like a cape pinned on both the shoulders. This style gives a chic and fashionable look. Besides, it is comfortable and allows easy body movement. You can drape your dupatta in this manner when you want to flaunt the intricate embroidery of the lehenga and embellishments on the blouse.

2.) Belted Dupatta Drape

Currently trending, in this type of drape, the dupatta is secured with a stylish belt around your waist. This style gives a woman a bold and beautiful look.

These modern lehenga dupatta styles not only offer comfort but give your traditional look a refresh. You can easily experiment with these contemporary styles & walk like a diva at the next wedding.

Turn Heads with Unique Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehenga

It's time to go beyond the basics! Unique looks good on you, and thus, you can always showcase your creativity with these styles.

1.) The Shawl Drape

This draping of dupatta on lehenga is a distinctive style. This drape style is perfect for evenings, slightly cooler weather, and winter season. You can drape the dupatta over the shoulder just like a shawl, offering you a regal and exotic look.

2.) The Double Dupatta Drape

Want to stand out? Try on this unique dupatta draping style. This drape is formed by layering two dupattas, providing volume to your ensemble. You can mix and match the fabrics and colours for a vibrant & rich look.

Try on these unique & different ways to wear a lehenga dupatta for an eye-catching & avant-garde silhouette.

What Things To Consider For Perfect Dupatta Draping Styles?

Draping a perfect dupatta isn't limited to various styles and fashion sense. It's more than that! Here are some key considerations:

  • Occasion: The draping of the lehenga dupatta must sync with the occasion. Some events call for cultural significance, for instance, during Navratri, a cape-style drape would be uncomfortable but a Gujarati-style drape will be perfect while playing Garba & Dandiya. For casual occasions, a simple drape would look good, while on your sister's wedding, a unique dupatta draping style would be apt.
  • Fabric: Not every drape goes well with every fabric. For structured draping styles, a heavy fabric is the ideal choice. Meanwhile, for an airy and flowy drape, chiffon fabric will do wonders. Besides, always choose a fabric that is comfortable for a longer duration.
  • Body Type: Different dupatta draping styles enhance different body types. For instance, a symmetrical or saree-style drape can create an illusion of good height. Whereas to add volume to your body type, you can always go with a Bengali-style drape or a double dupatta drape.
  • Colour Coordination: Ensure that the dupatta's colour compliments the lehenga and blouse colour. The colour of your dupatta will be the highlight of your ensemble, thus, the hue must sync with the time of the event.
  • Comfort: Other than looking gorgeous, fashion is about comfort too. Your skin & body should be comfortable in the chosen dupatta draping style. The more comfier the drape, the more exquisite your attire turns out to be.

Final Thoughts!

Getting clued up about different styles of wearing a dupatta on lehenga is an art that seamlessly transitions your traditional look to the sensual & show-stopping ensemble. From classic drape style to unique & modern drapes, quickly highlight your style & showcase your culture.

By experimenting with various draping styles, you can add layers of grace, glam, sophistication, & modesty. These styles make sure that you stand out, every time. In addition, factors like fabric, occasion, colours, and body type help you in making a comfortable choice. Whether you prefer timeless elegance or modern glam, the perfect drape elevates your look. The neat and precise style takes your lehenga look to new heights, making you feel confident & sexy.

So, embrace the stylish dupatta draping styles and show your impeccable fashion sense at every event.


1.) How do I drape a dupatta to add height or volume to my look?

To create an illusion of height, you can opt for an asymmetrical or saree-style drape. And for adding volume, you can always choose drapes that are bulky like Bengali-style drapes or double dupatta drapes.

2.) How can I ensure my dupatta draping style is comfortable?

Your dupatta draping style must allow your body to move freely. Moreover, the fabric and the embroidery should complement the occasion. In addition, adjusting pins in the right places ensures the secure fit of the dupatta.

3.) Why is the dupatta an essential part of a lehenga ensemble?

The dupatta is an essential part of a lehenga as it adds layers to your ensemble. It offers women with a poised & appealing appearance. It is a versatile piece of clothing that showcases the blend of culture & modern fashion sense.

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