Dressing Guide for Pear-Shaped Body  

Fashion is not just about selecting beautiful clothes; it is mainly about picking superior quality clothes that align with body type and balance silhouettes. Knowing the shape of your body can accentuate your finest features, thereby making a big difference. A pear body shape is one of the common women's body shapes. Also known as a triangle shape, a pear body shape has wider hips than a bust with a defined narrow waistline. The most important rule to balance your pear-shaped body is to always highlight your upper body and camouflage your lower body. Simply put, you need to draw attention towards the upper body to create a balanced look. Looking for the best outfits for a pear-shaped body? Here are a few best dress styles for pear shape that can help you achieve your bespoke fashion goals to accentuate your pear-shaped body:-


A saree with prints on the upper body, especially pallu, is one of the best sarees styles for pear-shaped. Especially a saree with detailing on pallu or embellishments with a blouse featuring statement sleeves is just among the ideal pear-shaped body outfits. 

Style Tip: Go for an off-the-shoulder saree blouse with statement necklaces

Suit Sets 

When looking for the best outfits for the pear-shaped body in the suit sets category, then choose the bright-coloured Kurtis to highlight your upper body and dark colour bottoms to balance the look. Aachho offers a range of unique suit set designs to accentuate your suit set look if you have a pear body shape especially the collection of suit sets with Empire waistlines is worth exploring, which is exclusively curare for curvy silhouettes with a defined waistline. 

Style Tips:- Attractive details on the Kurti, along with some interesting drama on the Kurti sleeves, are everything to achieve the goal of balancing a pear-shaped body. 


Lehengas with boat necks accentuate collar bones and, at the same time, emphasize the shoulders. The horizontal neckline works like a charm when it comes to adding breadth to the shoulders to align the entire pear body shape structure in proportion. 

Style Tips:- What better way to draw attention to the upper part than choosing lehengas featuring blouses with intricate detailing on blouse sleeves? 


When it comes to choosing the best dress styles for pear shape, then choose the knee length dresses or dresses with mid-calf lengths. A few of the best dress examples include Tulip dresses, Dresses with an Empire line, A-line and dresses with Vertical stripes are always amongst the best dress styles for a pear shape. 

Style Tips:- 

The off-the-shoulder neck is no less than a best friend in necklines when it comes to choosing ideal western dresses for a pear-shaped body. As it widens the shoulder and hence takes away the attention from the lower half of the body. 

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Drawing inspiration from timeless ethnic fashion sensibilities, Aachho infuses time-honoured essence into the modern aesthetic to curate the best styles for pear shape bodies. That is the reason women with different body types can find ethnic and western outfits that accentuate their silhouettes. No matter whether you are fond of Indian ethnic outfits or love making a bold statement in stylish western dresses, Aachho has something for everyone, for women with pear body shapes. So wait no more and embark on a shopping spree to accentuate your best features. 


Q: What kinds of saree blouses are ideal for pear-shaped women?

Saree blouses with lower and wider necklines, such as Boat neck, Cowl neck, and Square neck, work best when it comes to choosing the ideal saree blouse for pear-shaped. 

Q: What kind of suit set bottom styles should I choose for pear shaped body? 

Layering the upper body is the key to a balanced suit set to look for a pear-shaped body. Therefore you need to opt for suit sets with flared kurtas with a lot of detailing in them. 

Q: What are some expert tips related to sleeves while choosing suit sets for a pear-shaped body? 

Long or short and deep sleeves work best when choosing suit sets. Sleeves with some interesting detailing and embellishment in suit sets for the pear-shaped body, just like those offered by Aachho can add extra volume to shoulders.

Q: What are some best saree-style tips for pear shaped body? 

Choosing a printed saree with a printed pallu or embellished pallu is a perfect way to draw attention towards the upper body. Especially sarees in full-bloom prints from Aachho are one of the most ideal pear-shaped body outfits. 

Q: From where can I find the best dress styles for a pear-shaped body online?

Aachho is one of the top online women's fashion destinations to find the best dresses for a pear-shaped body in different categories- right from suit sets to sarees, from western dresses to lehengas and beyond. 

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