Colour Combinations of Lehenga: Dress to Impress

Selecting the right colour palette for your lehenga can elevate your fashion game. Whether you are a bride, a bride's mother, or a guest, the colour speaks volumes about your style. This blog is nothing but a cheat sheet for every fashion enthusiast in the town. From the latest trends to classic picks, the further sections will cover everything briefly.

Read on to find your perfect lehenga colour, effortlessly.

Keep Your Eyes on the 3 Best Lehenga Colour Combinations

Your best friend's wedding is around the corner & you are still stuck on the lehenga colour! The clock's ticking! But don't worry, we have something for you!

Choosing the right lehenga can be overwhelming, and we understand how important it is to have a significant colour for the big day. The wide array of lehenga consists of various hues, each symbolizing a different culture. For instance, red is a timeless classic, but you surely don't want to steal the bride's spotlight. Thus, crushing on the right colour as per the occasion is crucial. Here are three of the best & the latest lehenga colour combinations that you can wear at the wedding as a guest.

1.) Purple Whisper Handprinted Chanderi Lehenga Set

As the name suggests, this vibrant-coloured lehenga set whispers tales of modesty. You can put it on in a reception or sangeet function. The top-notch material ensures quality while the fit is comfortable.

2.) Jhuhi Handpainted Organza Lehenga Set

The sleeveless blouse & halter neckline give a sensual appeal. The green colour with pink handprints makes the perfect colour combination.

3.) Ayla Chanderi Lehenga Set

The multi-coloured dupatta of this lehenga is a statement piece. The subtle colour combinations give a graceful & gorgeous look.

5 Latest Lehenga Colour Combinations in 2024

2024 has given rise to unconventional colors and styles. It is a must to be updated with the latest trends & styles. Designers these days are experimenting with various colour combinations. From pastels to vibrant hues, these combinations are designed to make you stand out in the crowd.

1.) Khurshid Chanderi Lehenga Set

This blue-coloured chanderi lehenga with a pink floral print is perfect for the festive season. This lehenga colour combination enhances every skin tone making the wearer look elegant.

2.) Chandni Chanderi Lehenga Set

Multi-coloured dupattas have made a territory in 2024. This lehenga comes with a multi-coloured dupatta, offering a fairy look. The tiered pattern gives a flair to the ensemble.

3.) Sefid Handpainted Lehenga Set

White with handpainted pink and grey floral designs is one of the best lehenga colour combinations. The satin material of this lehenga brings out this colour palette in a charming manner.

4.) Blossom and Leaf Harmony Black Printed Satin Lehenga Set

If you are seeking floral prints with a black base, then look no further! This lehenga colour combination is the ideal fit. The black base enhances the green and pink-coloured prints in an alluring way.

5.) Ruby and Cream Rhapsody Printed Satin Lehenga Set

The red colour combination is apt for weddings. From wheat to fair skin tone, this colour is all set to give you a glamorous look.

The Seasonal Colour Palette for Lehengas

The colour combinations of lehengas are chosen to enhance the look. However, every season calls for some specific colours. Wearing colour combinations according to the seasons gives women an appealing look.

For summer, one can pick fresh & bright colours like blue, pink, and yellow. These colours offer a cool and calm vibe.

Winters usually call for rich colours, like red & orange. Burgandy and emerald green are the right choices for cool weather as they offer a cozy & luxurious look.

Pastel colours (which are currently in vogue), are apt for the spring season. Lavender & blush pink are the colours that can blossom up the vibe within seconds.

Summing Up!

After exploring various colour combinations of lehenga, we can conclude that picking the right colours can do wonders for your look. Staying updated with the trend is a must these days, and thus, Aachho brings you its designer lehenga collection. The assortment features the latest colour combinations that are designed to match your taste. Check out the array now & start crushing on alluring hues.


1.) Which colour combination is best for dark skin tones?

Darker skin tones shine bright in vibrant & bold shades such as ruby red, magenta pink, and blue. These colours highlight the skin and add royalty to the appearance.

2.) Which are some unique lehenga colour combinations?

Some of the unique colour combinations are: Green and gold, Yellow & pink, Blush pink, Purple, etc.

3.) How to mix & match lehenga designs with colour combinations?

This outfit offers you endless possibilities. You can choose contrasting colours for a visually appealing look. For instance, a yellow-colored lehenga paired with a multi-coloured dupatta gives a regal & playful touch.

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