10 Suit Set Ideas for the Women in 2023

10 Suit Set Ideas for the Women in 2023

What is Suit Set? 

Generally, when we talk about a classic ethnic wear suit set, we're talking about a coordinated set of clothes that are influenced by traditional cultural wear styles and made to be worn together. Intricate needlework, embellishments, or designs that are specific to the culture or country from where they originate are sometimes used to decorate this style of suit set, which is frequently fashioned from materials like cotton, silk, or linen. 

Every year, there is a change in how people dress and style, and this year is no different. In the world of ethnic wear in 2023, suit sets are a must-have. Confidence is the best accessory, and a suit set is a perfect complement!

How to Choose Best Suit Set for Everyday Style? 

Suit sets are a versatile and fashionable option whether you are searching for something to wear to work, a formal occasion, or just for everyday wear. So, let us have a look at the curated list of suit sets that will make you look trendy and rock your everyday wear just like a pro: 

The Classic Cotton Suit Set

Cotton Suit Set

Classic cotton suit sets are always in vogue and have a classic charm that is difficult to match. As a result, they are one of the women's most preferred everyday outfits. Fashionably styling classic cotton suit sets are simple and effortless. They are appropriate for any event because they are available in various hues, patterns, and styles. For a more laid-back style, wear it with sandals or flats; for a dressier appearance, pair it with heels.

The Pastel Suit Set 

Pastel suit set


These suit sets have gentle, understated hues adding a touch of softness to your ensemble that is ideal for daily wear, informal gatherings, and even semi-formal events. Pastel suit set are made to be lightweight and breathable, which makes them a perfect and preferred suit set design for women. Jhumkas or studs will give your look a touch of refinement without overpowering the subtle pastel hues. 

The Sleeveless Suit Set

Sleeveless suit set


To add a dash of class and style to any wardrobe in 2023, sleeveless suit sets are a perfect pick for everyday outfits for women. There is a sleeveless suit set to accommodate every personality and situation, in everything from vivid and bold colours to monochrome beauty and printed excellence. A precise, structured suit set in a striking colour will highlight your power, or you can go for a boho style with a flowing printed suit set. A sleeveless suit set is the ideal choice for you whether you choose a cool, casual look or a dazzling, head-turning ensemble.

The Floral Suit Set

Floral suit set


Adding a feminine touch, floral suit sets are a popular choice for everyday outfits for women. Gorgeous flower prints adorn these suits, ideal for daytime wear, informal gatherings, and semi-formal events. Without overpowering the delicate flower motifs, a pair of jhumkas or hoops give your ensemble a touch of sophistication.

The Leheriya Suit Sets 

Leheriya suit set


With unique wave-like patterns and vibrant hues like pink, yellow, and blue, Leheriya suit sets are a perfect option for an everyday outfit for women who want to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. They go well with formal shoes and simple jewelry when worn to the office and with simple sandals and bold jewelry for a laid-back date or daytime outfit. They can be accessorized with chic pieces like a clutch bag and high heels for functions or wedding wear

The Bandhani Suit Sets 

Bandhani suit sets


For women in India, the Bandhani suit set is a traditional and popular suit set design. The designs are typically made in little dots, creating a lovely and unique design that is particular to each piece. The process involves tying and dyeing the fabric to produce intricate and colourful patterns. These suit sets can be accessorised with little jewellery, such as tiny earrings, a delicate necklace, or a bracelet, and a classic jutti to rock a stylish everyday outfit for women. 

The Silk suit set

Silk suit set


A silk suit set is an excellent choice if you want to add a bit of luxury. The shining fabric will make you stand out, and the soft, silky fabric gives a touch of refinement to any outfit. Silk suit sets are available in assorted colors, from traditional black and white to bright and daring shades. The suits are ideal for semi-formal and formal functions due to the elaborate embroidery and embellishments, which also lend them a sense of elegance. Accessorizing these suit sets with a delicate necklace and a pair of heels make them a must-have in every woman's wardrobe.

The Anarkali suit set

Anarkali suit set


The long, flowing silhouette is elegant and comfortable, making the Anarkali suit set perfect for everyday outfits for women and a preferable suit set design for every occasion. Moreover, these suit sets give a sense of beauty and appeal when worn with traditional flats and bright, bold jewellery.

The Chikankari Suit set

Chikankari suit set


The Chikankari suit sets include chikankari embroidery, particularly on breathable fabrics like cotton or georgette. They are ideal suit set designs for everyday outfits, such as business attire, casual date attire, day attire, and formal attire because they give comfort, sophistication, and elegance. Every woman's wardrobe should have this dress because the elaborate chikankari embroidery touches sophistication and grace. Pairing the Chikankari suit set with jhumkas and wedges can elevate your look. 

The Gotapatti Suit set

Gotapatti Suit set


The exquisite and stylish gotapatti suit sets are a classic Indian outfit that highlights the country's rich cultural heritage. Women who wish to seem fashionable and traditional at the same time frequently choose it as their everyday outfits because of the delicate embroidered work and intricate motifs. Usually, chiffon, silk, or cotton fabrics are used as base to have the gotapatti. Intricate patterns such as leaves, vines, floral motifs, and paisleys are incorporated into the designs.

How to style your suit set easily? 

Styling your suit set can be a great way to create a polished and put-together look. Here are a few tips for styling your suit set in an easy and effective way: 

  • Ensure simplicity: Choose a straightforward, timeless suit outfit that is adaptable and uncomplicated to wear. This can be a simple design or a solid hue that goes well with other items in your wardrobe.
  • Choose the appropriate fit: Make sure your suit set fits comfortably and enhances your body type. You'll look and feel more put-together and confident because of the right fit. 
  • Add some accessories: A statement watch, a belt, a pocket square, or a scarf can dress up your suit ensemble. These accessories can give your outfit a splash of colour or some visual appeal. 
  • Experiment with colour: If you want to add some colour to your outfit, think about wearing a shirt or tie that is a vibrant shade. Just be sure the hues work well together and don't clash. 
  • Mix and Match: Use your suit set to create a variety of looks by mixing and matching it with other items in your closet. For instance, you may combine the pants with a blouse or sweater for a different style or match the jacket with some jeans for a more casual appearance. 
  • Maintain comfort: Feeling comfortable is just as vital as being fashionable. Avoid extremely constricting or unpleasant clothing, and opt instead for soft, breathable fabrics.

For everyday suit sets in 2023, there are countless alternatives. There is a suit set design to suit every taste and desire, whether you are looking for something to wear every day or for a special occasion. There is something for everyone, whether you favour a classic cotton suit set or a stylish velvet suit set. To achieve a fresh and fashionable look, pick from ethnic clothing, pastel hues, or bright colours. Make a fashion statement by experimenting with your everyday clothing, ladies! 


Q1: Which suit set is trending currently?
A1: Since, we’re on the brink of summers, Cotton suit sets are the ones that are trending. Women in summer want to go easy breezy with their outfits, and cotton suit sets are just like that – Easy, breezy and airy. Cotton suit sets are easy to carry as well. 

Q2:  How much does suit set cost?
A2: An average price of a Suit set is between INR 1,500 to INR 5,000. The pricing also depends on the designs, fabrics and embellishments. One must consider suit set that fits their budget at the best. 

Q3: What is a difference between sharara suit set and suit set?
A3: The design and style of the pants is what created a differentiation between a Sharara suit set and a Classic suit set. Typically, the pants in a Classic suit set are either a churidar, which are tight pants with gathers at the ankles, or a salwar, which are loose-fitting pants with a relaxed fit. Whereas in Sharara suit set, the pants are very flarry which sometimes mimic the divided long skirts

Q4: What is Party wear suit set?
A4: Party wear suit sets are basically suit sets that have heavy embellishments and a rich quality shiny fabric like silk, chanderi, etc. Sharara suit set, Anarkali Suit set, Silk suit set, and Sequin suit set are best selections of party wear suit sets. These suit sets are trending as well.

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