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Rajputi Poshaks and Rajasthani Dress

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Rajputi poshak || Rajasthani traditional dress


Ethnic wear is the essence of Indian traditional culture, Its massive range of assortments makes it more interesting and fetches the attraction always. Countless western designs came and went, but Indian ethnic wear has always been the top choices when it comes to connect the festivals and occasions. The aura of Indian dresses has always been so pure and elegant. Which is easily can been spotted in many states in India and admired worldwide.


Rajasthani dresses and Rajputi dress also knows as Poshak is one of the best example to put in here, It has maintain the legacy of rich culture.Its rare to find a online destination which has its core ethos and purity.

Poshak is blend of Rajputi and Mughal culture heritage. This beautiful attire has been cladding the royal essence since past hundreds of years. Poshak is the pride of Rajput culture and been followed by generations after generations. 

Embracing Poshak is has its own etiquette. Right from incubating till wearing, Rajputi Poshak reflects the grandiose affair. There are four major elements in entire Rajputi Poshak which is consists of kanchli (inner-wear with sleeves), waist-length kurta (a sleeveless blouse), Lehnga (pleated skirt), and odhni (long, flowing veil). "kanchli" is an inner wear with sleeves which covers upper body of a woman. “Kurti” is a sleeveless blouse worn over the “Kanchali”, it covers the upper body of women from neck ,back & waist. “Ghagra” is a pleated skirt like attire worn below “Kurti” which covers the body from waist to feet. And last but not the least “Odhani” which is a long colourful or plain veil which is used to cover head, face and body, these elements cumulates the world known graceful attire -  “Rajputi



Zipless and Hookless “Rajputi Poshak” have multiple categories in it and its been worn according to the occasion and festival. The lighter version of Poshak called “Base” is worn daily or on all normal days. It is a simple “Rajputi Poshak” with very light work (usually Gotta Patti or light handwork) over it. The heavier range is worn on festivals like “Teej” & “Gangor” and occasions. World famous dance “Ghoomar” is also performed in this royal dress gracefully. is an true attempt to let world know about this beautiful culture and legacy, You can find variety of Genuine Poshaks with rich colors, Do visit and relish the reasons which folds and rises in the air -  The great Rajasthan, Rajputi culture, Rajasthani dresses , Rajput princesses, baisa , elegance, beauty, and nostalgic texture. 


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