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Rajputi Poshak - Blend of Culture and Style

Rajputi Poshak - Blend of Culture and Style
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Rajputi Poshak- Blend of Culture and Style

When it comes to fashion your outfit is the most integral part to be taken care about. Apart from looking beautiful and glamourous your outfit says a lot about your personality. Everyone has a unique style and taste in fashion . Women have inherited graceful styling tips and suggestions from their grandmothers to mothers, mothers to daughters and sisters. Fashion has always been and will continue to be an integral part of a woman's beauty.

With a lot of craze and buzz around the globe about western clothing, we are no exception habituating western clothing and looks to our daily lifestyle. But women have not been able to resist the grace, charm ,beauty and their love for traditional wear. It is true that we have wholeheartedly accepted western clothing but when it comes to social gatherings, weddings. festivals ethnic wear is the first priority for most of the Indian women. One of the most talked about traditional wear known for its simplicity ,fabric and sophistication yet glamours is the Traditional Rajputi Poshak.

This beautiful Poshak is the traditional outfit worn by all the gorgeous ladies from Rajasthan, has its own unique identity among Rajput ladies and is known as 'The Rajputi Poshak'.

Now most of you must be wondering what is so distinctive about the Poshak ? Well we have already witnessed the royal outfit Poshak in many of our historical movies. Rajasthan's historic tv series, or bollywood films are incomplete without the royal and classy looks of the kings and queens wearing these jaw dropping , captivating yet traditional Rajputi Poshaks.

Rajputi Poshak was worn by Rajput ladies in history and continues to be worn at present in the same manner it was worn ages before. This vintage outfit has its special identity and value for Rajputi ladies as a significance of royal culture. The royal Rajputi Poshak is very elegant and easy to manage and sets you apart from the crowd because of its antique beauty and grace.

When you wear this classic outfit it will not only make you feel and look  royal but also get you connected to the history of Rajasthan.


' Rajputi Poshak' comes in a set of four pieces including kurti, ghagra, kanchali and odhani. This beautiful attire has an abundant variety in its own . Lets learn how to wear a Rajputi Poshak.

Rajputi attire

Rajputi Poshak-Kanchali

1. Kanchali is an integral inner wear part of the Poshak worn by the rajputi ladies underneath the royal attire.

Rajputi Poshak-Kurti

2. Kurti is worn by the women over the Kanchali, the kurti covers the body from the neckline till the waist. Kurti is generally a sleeveless top and kanchali comes up with sleeves. Kurti and kanchali both are worn together by Rajputi women.

Rajputi Poshak - Ghagra

3. The most beautiful part of the poshak is the gahgra, which is worn below the kurti by rajputi women. Rajputi Poshak has a wide range of beautiful ghagras to offer women with intricate gotta-patti,  zari zardozzi, tara and kundan work to look how the symbol of every graceful women should look like.

Rajputi Poshak- Odhani

4. The odhani, is a duppatta that adds sparkle to your outfit .There are different types of odhanis such as Pyor odhani and semi pyor and cotton odhanis. Pyor and semi pyor odhanis are worn on with heavy designing over the Poshaks,while cotton odhanis are worn for everyday purpose or go well with light work over the poshak.

Any social gathering in Rajput community such as  weddings or festivals like teej, gangour and puja   are incomplete without poshak and you will find these Rajputi ladies flaunting their traditional yet gorgeous ‘Rajputi Poshaks’. Best known for its antique and beautiful Poshaks Aachho offers you an extensive range of jawdropping zarro, bridal, rajputi poshaks and many more only for you at Aachho for all the women to slay in style and royalty.