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Colours in Rajasthani Attires

Rajasthani colour significance in dresses
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Colours in Rajasthani dress

Think of colourful attires and Jewellery, Indian culture will be defaulted on top of your charts. Rajasthani culture plays a vital role to this reflection. Ever wondered why colours are given so much of Importance in Rajasthani attires and dressing styles? Throughout hundreds of years, colours has held important aspect in Indian culture and Rajasthani costumes. 


The Emerge

This substantial usage of colours in attire and jewellery has important cultural, belief, emotions and climatic correlation. Ancient Indian economy led with the manufacturing centre of International trade.Key business were Textile, Shipbuilding and Steel. and with these international trades, Indian dyeing techniques also emerged and matured over the time. Each colour led a significant meaning in that particular time and era, which is still followed in present time.It's interesting to know what each colour denote and signifies the association with people's emotions, culture and customs.



Widely Rajasthani colours can be distinguished into tow parts on their usage. "Kachcha" or temporary colours are used by unmarried women and married while the widows only use the "pakka" or permanent colours. Red, yellow, parrot green, and saffron are some colours which are considered to be kachcha, while the pakka colours are grey, brown, dark green, dark blue and maroon.

Red is a popular colour visible in Rajasthani costumes and is considered auspicious, well being and joy and a woman's marital status. Kesariya is the saffron colour and other shades of yellow regarded as auspicious colours used majorly by rulers and farmers. Yellow is a part of all religious ceremonies and also represents the sun God. Bright colours were been worn in Festivals like Teej, Gangore, Diwali , New year, Sakranti, Navratri. In summers kapasi or light yellow , Light peach and In rainy or savan season mostly green garments placed as fad.


Thus each colour has its own importance in Rajasthani dress, worn depending on customs, time of the year and occasion.These colours had been in the traditions of Rajasthan and has been carrying forward as a graceful heritage in present. Cities are also merged with the essence of colours, Like Jaipur is Pink, Jodhpur is Blue, Jaisalmer is Golden, Udaipur is White, Bundi is Blue, Jhalawar is Purple

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