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Kota Doriya

Kota Doriya
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The alluring- Kota Doria

As the name suggests, originated from the city of Kota in Rajasthan - India, Kota Doria is unique apparel with the distinctive square checked pattern.
Also known as Kota Dori, or Kota-Masuria, these products are a trademark of expertise and artistry. 

The light, gossamer touch of the Kota doria fabric will remind you of a delicate spiders’ web. Kota Doria has cotton in the warp and silk in the weft to yield a special combination that gives the binding strength of cotton and the lustre of silk. Fine textured, light and airy the Kota Doria sarees are translucent muslin fabrics, very comfortable to wear in hot climes.

But its most endearing aspect is the weave quality that has remained the talk and boast of this traditional masterpiece. You can find a wide range of Kota Doriya Handblock printed products at